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When it comes to using reusable sanitary pads there are a number of benefits that go along with making that switch. While I appreciate that it can be quite a daunting thing to change, especially when it comes to forming new habits each month, there are some amazing benefits to using them. I wanted to highlight what they were.

Reduces single-use plastic  

Did you know that your disposable sanitary products contain plastic? This means that they can’t be recycled properly given the nature of how they are usually disposed of, and they then sit in a landfill adding to the already problematic issue.

Fun fact, disposable sanitary pads contain the equivalent of 5 plastic carrier bags within them which takes around 800 years to decompose. If you have any thoughts regarding the environment this benefit alone should be motivation enough to make the switch. 

Fewer toxins

Would you believe me if I told you there were up to 3000 harmful toxins in disposable sanitary products? If you don’t see it then I appreciate it can be a hard fact to swallow but it is true.

It gets worse as there isn’t any current UK legislation that requires these companies to list the chemicals used to create them. When it comes to using reusable sanitary products there isn’t anything untoward in the making of them, and they do the job! 

You can save money

While I appreciate that the initial purchase will feel like an investment and is bound to cost more than your box of the disposable equivalent, in the long term you will save money.

This is because you will only buy these once and you get a period of time in which to reuse them. You effectively need to buy your quota of disposable alternatives each month, which over a year can really add up!

You are helping the water companies

It sounds strange, but hear me out on this one! Many people don’t dispose of their disposable sanitary products correctly and many will find them flushed down the toilet. But we simply shouldn’t be doing this and these sanitary products can be one of the main reasons we suffer from water blockages and issues in our sewers.

Worse still water companies can extract up to 30 tonnes of non-flushable materials out of the water systems each day. Horrible thought when you think about the water coming out of the tap isn’t it? 

They are comfortable 

Reusable sanitary products are far more comfortable than the disposable equivalent. You only have to think about the plastic they contain and how these pads are in close contact with one of the more sensitive areas of your body.

Reusable pads are made with different materials providing comfort and still giving you peace of mind that they are doing their job. 

Reusable pads are convenient

There will be no time when you are caught short needing protection when your period arrives a day earlier than you expect. As they are reusable they will always be on hand to provide you with protection when you need it the most. 

My experience with reusable sanitary pads

I have been using reusable pads for a few years now and can’t believe I didn’t try them sooner. They are so much cheaper, more comfortable and better for the environment. I was recently sent some from Trade To Aid to try.

Why choose Trade To Aid pads?

For every pack of reusable pads bought from Trade To Aid, they donate a pack to a refugee in need of period products. I love that this also helps reduce period poverty.

Any other profits are used to run menstrual education programmes in West Africa where they are working to improve awareness of what periods are and helping to eliminate the taboo and stigma around periods that still exists there.

Not only are they better for the environment than single-use sanitary products, but they also are more sustainable as they use bamboo charcoal and recycled plastic.

For £29.97 you can get a mixed pack of reusable pads with all you need for your entire period. The pack includes two light flow pads, two medium flow pads and two heavy flow pads along with a waterproof wet bag for them.

How to wash reusable sanitary pads

The best way to wash reusable sanitary pads and any underwear, bedding or clothing that gets blood-stained is with cold water and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

If you are a bit cautious about that then there is a product you can buy especially for this purpose called “Save my Knickers“. It is amazing and will definitely help reduce the need to worry about buying and using neat hydrogen peroxide.

As someone with very heavy periods and very irregular periods, I have found this to be an absolute godsend!

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