There are some amazing oven cleaning kits you can buy but they can often be pricey. So I wanted to share with you some of the low-cost or free cleaning hacks for your oven. 

When it comes to cleaning jobs, the one thing we can all try and avoid as much as possible is cleaning the oven. It isn’t always the best job, and can often be time-consuming.

Putting your oven racks outside

Did you know your grass can be the key to cleaning oven racks? This is a method that will need to be left overnight but it gives off surprising results.

Take your cleaning racks outside and lay them on your grass. Leave them there overnight. Once ready, take your racks and simply wipe away any of the burnt-on grease and food.

It comes off easily and is a natural way to clean your oven racks. 

grass hills

Using baking soda

Baking soda is one of the best ways to clean your home and get rid of difficult stains, and it works really well with your oven.

Make a paste with baking soda, white vinegar, and water, and then use the paste to tackle burnt-on stains and grease. The abrasive nature of the paste will help to loosen the grease and clean up your oven really well.

You may need to apply and rub and then reapply a mixture but it will give excellent results and is worth the effort. Plus you get a clean oven straight away. 

Making the most of your bath

Cleaning the oven means you have a few different elements that might need soaking or you need extra space to clean racks and oven glass, so why not utilise your bath?

You can soak the removable parts of your oven in there with some oven cleaner or your own made-up cleaner and then allow the grease to dissolve away while you tackle the main body of the oven. 

white bath in a white bathroom with white towels hanging over edge of the bath


Lemons are such a great cleaning agent for so many parts of your home and the oven is one of them.

Place 5 halves of lemons into your oven once you have squeezed some of the juice into your oven, then bake for 30 minutes at 250 degrees.

The lemon vapours will loosen the grease and you can then clean the oven easily. It also leaves a lovely fresh scent. 

Whole lemon and cut lemon on wooden surface

Use a dishwasher tablet

We use a dishwasher tablet knowing it will get rid of burnt-on stains and grease on our dishes so the same can be said for your oven.

Dip the dishwasher tablet in boiling water and rub the tablet oven in the oven.

It will start to loosen everything up and then you can clean away. For jobs like this buying the cheapest dishwasher tablets is just as effective!

White vinegar 

Finally, white vinegar is a great way to clean your oven. Make up a paste of white vinegar with bicarb of soda and dish soap. Then use the abrasive paste to clean the oven. The grease will start to loosen up and the oven will be clean in no time. 

I hope these cleaning hacks for your oven help make light work of this household job. Why not check out my article on using tumble dryer water for cleaning too?

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