When it comes to cleaning our homes we often are always looking for the next quick fix. But with rushing costs, not all of us have the luxury of buying the latest thing Mrs Hinch recommends or those expensive cleaning products. However, we still want a clean home, right? I wanted to share with you some of the cleaver cleaning hacks that will help you to keep your home sparkling while making use of other things in your home. Some of them may surprise you, but all of them work incredibly well. 


What can you use Tumble dryer water for?

If you have a condenser tumble dryer then you may feel like you are tipping a lot of water down the drain. Is there anything else that you can do with it? There are some great ways to use that water so it won’t feel like a complete waste.

Firstly, you could use it to water your plants in your home. Other uses include using the water to mop your floors, washing out your bin or any outside furniture, or even cleaning up your bath, sinks and toilets.

Next time it’s full, think about how you can use that water instead of throwing it away. 

Vodka for carpet stains

Some of you may enjoy vodka as a drink with a cold orange or coca-cola but actually, Vodka can be an excellent cleaning agent in your home.

First of all, dab the stain, and then pour over the vodka, or rubbing alcohol if you have it and then let it work its magic. Leave it a few minutes and then wipe away and wash the area as you would normally.

The alcohol draws out the stain and will have your carpets looking fresh in no time. It also works really well if you get make-up on clothes I have found!

Using olive oil on stainless steel

Olive oil is a great way to buff stainless steel areas. Dap some onto a soft cloth and then rub the area in circular motions to buff up an amazing shine and also help you to get rid of any stubborn areas or spots.

Perfect for your sinks or stovetops. This could be a great way to get that shine while using a pantry product you might already have at home.

An alternative is baby oil if you have any of that which you do not use.

Lemons and limes are great DIY cleaning aids

Lemons and limes are perfect for cleaning your home. The citrus fruits cut into grease making them ideal for oven cleaning.

You can also cut a lemon in half and place it in a bowl with some water and switch on your microwave. The steam from the lemon cuts through any stains in your microwave making it easy to clean. 

Baking soda and vinegar is the perfect toilet cleaner

Many of us know the benefits of baking soda and vinegar and it actually makes a great toilet cleaner, especially if there are stubborn stains in the toilet bowl due to limescale.

Place a cup of bicarbonate soda with some vinegar and then pour the fizzing mixture into the toilet and allow it to do its thing. You will then need to give it a scrub and then flush it. You should have a sparkling toilet once you are finished. 

Vinegar cleans so many things already but add the bicarbonate of soda and you have a perfect cleaner.

Use essential oils for fragrance

Essential oils are great to help you add some fragrance to homemade cleaners and in your home. You can also use essential oils and water as a mister for rooms and help to eliminate odours that are knocking around.

You can also spray this in shoes which can harbour unpleasant odours. It saves you from spending a fortune on fabric sprays. 

Rubber gloves will remove pet hair

Many of us will have pets in our homes and the one thing we can all agree on is pet hair can be very annoying. There are some handy handheld gadgets you can buy but the simplest and cheapest method is to use a pair of rubber gloves.

Simple buy some marigolds, put them on, and then rub the areas that are collecting pet hair such as sofas and chairs. The hair will come right up and help you clean it up. 

Make use of odd socks

We all have odd socks lurking in our homes, and so you might want to put them to good use. They make great cleaning aids.

You can put a sock over your hand and dust your blinds, you can even dust surfaces or clean your kitchen sides by spraying them. Then simply wash them and use them again. 

Could the dishwasher clean more than just your pots?

Finally, the dishwasher could be put to good use as it could clean more than just your pots and cutlery. The dishwasher could be used for fridge shelves and storage, non-electrical plastic kids toys, bath toys, make-up brushes and things like flip flops. 

I hope that these tips help you to take advantage of some of the different cleaning hacks out there.

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