Have you ever noticed how cheap vinegar is? I have read before how many amazing uses there are for it but can never remember very many so I decided to ask some fellow bloggers for their tips and combine them into a post for you guys.

Let’s face it we all are likely to have vinegar in the house and most of us like a bargain. If we can find new uses for it that means saving money elsewhere it has to be a win-win, doesn’t it?

bottle of white vinegar with dish cloth, sponge and brush

Beauty and First aid Hacks

“Sometimes I rinse my hair in it as a kind of conditioner, makes it super shiny” – Kate.

“I use apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water for a pedicure. The dead skin rubs off really easily” – Erica.

“My mum used to sponge me down with vinegar and warm water if I had sunburn to prevent peeling. I still do it now if I get a bad burn. – Emma.

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“Vinegar is a hiccup cure. I suffer from really painful and loud hiccups. They are really embarrassing and give me a headache and make me feel sick. If I have a teaspoon of vinegar it makes them go away almost instantly. I have found cider vinegar works best.” – Laura.

“Vinegar is really good for soothing itchy mosquito bites. Vodka is also a good repellent!” – Hayley.

Use white vinegar with a sprinkle of baking soda to clean silver jewellery.

“I use diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner. It is great for acne-prone skin although it smells a bit weird. I started with 1 part cider to 8 parts water then worked up to 1 part cider to 2 parts water. It is a good idea to not start out too strong or your skin gets a bit freaked out by the acidity of it.” – Laura.

“My mother in law uses it for cuts or cruises as an antiseptic as she says it avoids scars. She puts it on my children’s foreheads or skin etc if they get a bump. It seems effective though.” – Epril.

“My nan swore that vinegar is great for nits” – Lianne.

“It is an excellent first aid treatment for minor jellyfish stings – better than the well-known alternative!” – Katie.

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Cleaning with vinegar hacks

“Pop it in the microwave diluted with water and turn it on for a few minutes. It completely softens even the toughest grime and makes it good as new.” – Georgina.

“Pour it on your kitchen sink, add some bicarb and the fizz will remove all the dirt.” – Katy. A great clean to leave doing its job while you are working from home!

“Cleaning smears from windows and glass doors” – Jeannette.

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“Pop it down the toilet and leave it as long as possible before flushing it away. Helps remove the nasty brownish limescale build up.” – Hayley.

“I mix white vinegar and bicarb to clean the bottom of my iron” – Melanie.

“Run your washing machine on a rinse cycle with it in and it gives it a thorough clean” – Nikki.

“With some lavender oil it is great as a homemade fabric conditioner in the washing machine.” – Kate.

“I use it to descale my kettle – saves a fortune on water filters.” – Nicola.

“Pop white vinegar in a freezer bag and tie it around your shower head overnight to help remove limescale.” – Emma.

“I put a splash or two in the bottom of the dishwasher. It helps to remove dried-on dirt and acts as a rinse aid.” – Janet.

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“Spray water and vinegar on stainless steel it brings up a great shine.” – Karen.

“I use a glug (I buy a 5-litre bottle of household vinegar from Amazon) with a sprinkle of citric acid powder in a bowl of hot water to soak glasses that have gone cloudy from the dishwasher or remove stubborn residues from kitchenware.” – Sonia.

White vinegar cleans our steriliser and prep machine really well.” – Lianne.

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Stain Removing Hacks

“It is the only thing that gets the kids dreaded slime out of their hair, clothes, carpets and upholstery!” – Anoushka.

“I add it to bicarbonate of soda to get stains out of carpet” – Kate.

“To remove pen off walls dab full-strength white vinegar on the marks” – Jessica.

Remove the sticky residue left by stickers by wiping with white vinegar.

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Hacks for cooking

“Boil it and the steam that comes from boiling it kills germs in the air.” – Mandy.

To disinfect chopping boards wipe with full-strength white vinegar. This works especially well on wooden ones that easily absorb dirt – Nikol.

“If I burn something whilst cooking then I fill a bowl 3/4 full of white or cider vinegar and leave it in the kitchen. It soon gets rid of the nasty burnt smell.” – Mandi.

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Clean the fridge with half vinegar half water to kill germs and freshen it up.

Clean jars to reuse by mixing boiling water and white vinegar (equal parts) and sterilising the jars with that.

To get rid of fruit flies mix a few drops of washing up liquid with cider vinegar and put in a bowl. This will attract the fruit flies who will then die as they can’t escape.

Why not pop and buy a huge bottle of vinegar and save a fortune on all the other things you will no longer need! There are so many vinegars available so check out the best for the job. Whether that be White wine vinegar, malt vinegar or balsamic vinegar!

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