I love finding random hacks to use in the home. While I don’t often put them into practice they are fun to look at don’t you think? Today I have been looking at hacks with bungee cords, you know those long springy rope-type things.

Some of these ideas I thought were ingenious so I wanted to share them with you. They made me tempted to instead of buying a pack of ready-made cords with hooks on the end buy a whole roll of the stuff and hooks to make my own at the exact lengths I need. Bungee cord is truly an amazing product with so many fun uses!

bright coloured bungee cords for hacks
Colourful stretchy bungee cords with hooks

Bungee cord hacks

For the car boot

Threading a piece of bungee cord through all your shopping bag handles and clipping at each side or to headrests makes sure nothing spills out. A really easy way of keeping your car book and shopping well organised.

For the cupboard under the sink

Instead of having endless bottles and sprays under the sink simply clip the bungee cord to each side and hook on your spray bottles. You could also use some to hold a roll of bin bags. Once you start finding uses for it under the sink you won’t stop!

Keeping bin bags secure

Wrapping a bungee cord and securing the ends together tight enough to stop the bag from falling into the bin. This easy hack saves you from fishing in the bin for the bag if it slides in.

Bungee cord as a shelf barrier

Do you have a cupboard or fridge shelf that is always full and trying to escape? Bungee cords can be used to carefully secure them in making a stretchy but firm barrier.

Storing footballs

A few carefully placed bungee cords can be a great way of securing footballs in an area of your shed or garage. Balls can then be easily removed one at a time without the whole lot rolling everywhere!

Store cables easily in the shed or garage

Hook a length of bungee cord around a rolled-up cable for the lawnmower, pressure washer etc and then hook up easily onto a hook or nail into the wall. Smaller cords can be used to secure cables and charger wires in the home in a similar way.

Teddy bear storage

Ben has so many soft toys it is unreal. He never wants to get rid of them so this is a hack I am definitely going to use. Secure bungee cords across a shelf to stuff soft toys behind. They will still be visible and unfortunately still collect dust but they will stay on the shelf easily!

What other items are great for hacks?

There are so many uses for random items like this. I love duct tape and blue tack and use them so much. What are your go-to items that help with hacks, fixing things or just generally you could not live without?

7 brilliant bungee cord hacks

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