When I was offered a VonHaus 1600W pressure washer in return for a review I could not resist. I knew Stuart would like it to wash the cars and of course, we could clean the path and such with it. So, how did we get on with it?

Using a pressure washer to clean garden slabs. The pressure washer is white with a black handle

Setting up the VonHaus Pressure Washer

The pressure washer was relatively easy to set up with the only difficulty being attaching the hose. This is to be expected though as it of course is a tight fit.

We did find that a mixture of using hot water to soften the hose slightly and a hose clip to fasten it securely worked well. The hose is obviously not supplied with the pressure washer but a cheap garden hose will suffice.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and soon we had the pressure washer ready to use. Of course, predictably it kept raining but we did find a decent dry spell to get it out and give it a try.

A Picture showing the pressure of the water coming out of the washer

Using the VonHaus Pressure Washer

It was really easy to use and both I and Stuart enjoyed using it and seeing how easily it cleaned things. The above photo of it cleaning a paving slab was without any chemicals, just the pressure of water alone.

That slab has been down for 10 years and as such was rather dirty but came up very clean.

Person pressure washing a slab in their garden

The adjustable nozzle means the water can be sprayed at different strengths as such so perfect for different surfaces.

There is a way to add detergents but we didn’t feel the need to use those as they cleaned well with just the pressure of the water. Stuart also used it to clean his car.

Two pictures. One shows a a dirty tyre and the other shows a clean tyre as it is being washed

We even discovered that where someone (OK it was me!) got fence paint on the concrete it even cleaned that off.

Using the pressure washer to clean concrete areas near a fence

The pressure washer really was good for so many parts of the garden. I must say though it does become quite addictive in that you just keep looking around for new things to clean with it!

Pressure Washer in garden

Tips for use

It is the first time I have used a pressure washer and thought I would share some top tips with you.

  • Plan where you will clean first and make sure you do it in a sensible order so you don’t get clean bits splattered with dirt!
  • Think about drainage and be careful to do areas (like our slabs surrounded by grass) on a hot day or last so they drain and don’t make the area muddy.
  • Make sure you have the correct fittings to attach your hose to your tap. It took me a few attempts to buy the right bits.
  • Brush all areas first so you are not spraying too much muck around in the process of cleaning.

Our overall views of the VonHaus Pressure Washer

We absolutely loved the pressure washer once we had overcome the issues with our hose! It was so easy to use and we are already planning new things to use it to clean. We even have plans to spend one day of the Easter weekend cleaning our front steps with it!

If you would like to buy this VonHaus Pressure Washer you can find it here.

VonHaus 1600W Pressure Washer - A Review

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