Do you get frustrated with spending ages meal planning every week? Here is a guide to help you to spend an hour meal planning to plan every meal for one month! Obviously, you could spend less time if you wanted and use my ready-made meal plans if you prefer. So, let’s start your one-month meal plan.

Before you start

Before you start your meal plan for the month you can do this is any notebook or pad you have available or if you want to be more organised sign up for my weekly email and get a free printable meal planning booklet available to download from the members-only library.

How many meals do you need and who for?

Grab your diary or calendar and check what you have coming up this month. Do you have a birthday where you always order a takeaway/eat out or a meeting so you need a quick easy meal that day?

Mark all of these down and ensure to also mark on any special days like Mother’s day so the rest of the family get a reminder too! Remember if you work from home think of easy meals for your lunches too.

Choose your meals

This is where it is really important to ensure you have a variety of meals on your one-month meal plan. If you eat the same things all the time you will get bored and find it easier to stray from the meal plan and order a takeaway.

For losing weight variety and determination are key. By writing a meal plan you are already showing great determination so now you just need to be sure to choose meals with variety.

Be sure to think of which vegetables are in meals to be sure you have enough speed food and include a variety so you don’t have curry every night unless of course you only like curry!

Firstly add a few new meals to the meal plan each week, on days you have enough time to make something different. Have a look at my recipes for some new ideas.

What about having a pasta night or a curry night each week?

Write the meals on with a pencil, you are sure to look and wonder why you have potatoes all week and need to change them around a bit!

Write shopping lists for each week

Looking at the meals you have on the meal plan write shopping lists for each of the 4 weeks. This shouldn’t take too long and is even easier with my printable!

Put everything on the list you need even down to the mixed herbs. Then each week grab the list, check off the things you have in the cupboard and pop to the shops for the rest!

How to never meal plan again

If you have liked the selection of meals you have had each week of this one-month meal plan why not just shuffle the weeks around a little and not have to meal plan for next month? Alternatively do not throw them away, you might want them in a couple of months time!

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