Looking for apps to save money on food? Did you know that you can save money on your food shop simply by downloading and using cashback apps on your mobile phone?

Most cashback apps work in a similar way to one another.

First, you download the app and follow the account creation process, and then you’re free to browse the available offers.

Some apps will have offers that reimburse you the entire cost of the product, whereas some offers will give you a discount.

In most cases, all you need to do is buy the product and then scan your receipt in the app in order to redeem your cashback.

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If you want to know how to make the most of cashback apps in order to save money on your food shop, this is the blog post for you.

Below are 5 of the best cashback apps to use if you’re looking to save money on your food bill.


One of my favourite food cashback apps is Shopmium. I’ve used it for years now and thanks to the app, I’ve saved a lot of money on food products.

To use, you need to ensure that you scan the item’s barcode as well as the receipt, so be careful and don’t throw away your packaging before you’ve scanned it! 

Shopmium has a lot of great features, including a fantastic referral scheme that grants you bonus credit that can be put towards Shopmium offers whenever a friend signs up.

As well as the free cash incentive for the original user referred friends also get 100% cashback on a gift as a thank you for joining – at the moment this free gift is a bag of Maltesers, but previous items include Pringles, sweets, and drinks.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount, which means as soon as you have scanned your receipt and it’s been processed by Shopmium, you can immediately withdraw your money. The more friends you refer to the app, the more free food items you can purchase. 

Download Shopmium Here (Shopmium) if you use my referral code IK84W7 then when you start earning cashback you get a free can of Pringles, and I get something too! You can also then look at referring your friends.


The TopcashBack Snap & Save app is no more, but the TopCashback app itself is still brimming with cashback offers.

TopcashBack is pretty well known for its welcome offers, and new members are rewarded with brilliant deals and freebies.

As well as covering a huge variety of shops from Etsy to Currys and PC World, TopcashBack also covers supermarkets and grocery shopping.

Cashback offers vary depending on the amount of money you spend on your food shop and whether you’re a returning customer or not.

For example, a new Sainsbury’s customer spending £100+ on a food shop may earn £8.50 cashback from their purchase. A current customer may earn only £1.

Feel free to use my referral link to give you an extra bonus when you join.

Top Tip: if you often buy things on a computer, install the Chrome extension for Top Cashback and it will automatically flash up if the site you are on could earn you cashback!


CheckoutSmart is a good cashback app if you frequently purchase alcohol and other drinks, as well as ordinary groceries.

With frequent updates on deals and a user-friendly layout, CheckoutSmart makes a great addition to your money-saving apps folder.

A particularly useful feature of this app is that once you’ve redeemed an offer, it disappears from your homepage, so you never need to worry about accidentally trying to redeem an offer that you’ve already used up. 

The downside to CheckoutSmart is that in order to make sure your cashback purchases are 100% free, you must wait until you’ve banked up £20 worth of savings.

For withdrawals under £20 (£5 for new users), you will be charged a 5% withdrawal fee.

There’s also no referral scheme currently available for CheckoutSmart, however, it’s still worth letting your friends know about the app, especially if they are frequent buyers of alcohol.


GreenJinn is particularly good if you’re looking to score cashback on fruits and vegetables, although there are also plenty of other offers available.

GreenJinn previously only worked with 3 big brand supermarkets, but their list of retailers has now expanded, giving you much more choice when shopping for food.

In order to claim your cashback, you need to collect at least £1.50 worth of cash by using the app, and then you can transfer the money to your account for free. 


Shoppix isn’t a cashback app and there are no offers for you to redeem. Instead, you simply scan your receipts to collect points.

As you scan, you earn 25 points per receipt (30 points if you scan on the same day as a purchase), and these points stack up until you reach the withdrawal threshold.

The great thing about Shoppix is that you can also send digital receipts via email to a specific email address that is unique to your Shoppix account in order to earn points.

Occasionally there will be short 2-minute surveys that grant you digital ‘scratchcards’ on the app, giving you a chance to win more points.

Once you reach a certain number of points, you can redeem them in the form of Amazon, iTunes, and Love2Shop vouchers, or send the cash directly to your PayPal.

To make the most of these money-saving apps…

If you want to make the most of these apps and really save on your food shopping, make sure you ‘stack’ your offers.

To maximise your savings, check other apps on your phone to see if they have the same offers available – if so, you can claim cashback on these as well to make sure you get even more savings. 

Don’t forget many banks offer cashback on purchases too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these, in the current climate every penny really does count and these apps sound fantastic for saving on something we all do every week anyway. I had only heard of top cash back out of these so will definitely be checking out the others, thank you!