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Our bedroom is pretty standard, the same probably as yours, wardrobe, drawers, shelves and clutter. My bedside table is full of medication, jewellery and random things like a box of tissues and a magazine.

If I had a bigger house and could design my idea bedroom these are the things I would love.

A clock that is sitting on a table with a couple in bed in the background

A stylish dressing table

I would love a proper dressing table for those few occasions I wear make up. It would be lovely to have enough space for a large dressing table with a smart mirror and drawers for all my little bits.

At the moment all my jewellery and make up are in bags and boxes without too much organisation. A big dressing table would give me more space to really spread out my things.

Luxuries – A TV Bed

I would love a TV bed but actually whenever I have looked at new beds I have forgotten to consider this. TV beds are not always that expensive so definitely would be a great addition to the bedroom.

I love lying in bed when I am unwell watching TV or snuggling up with Stuart to a film. A King Size TV bed would make this even better. Ideally with the whole thing linked to my Echo Dot so Alexa can do it all for me too for really lazy days!

A reading chair

I love reading but rarely make time to do this for myself. If I had a comfy reading chair by the window in our bedroom it would be great. I can just imagine sitting by a big Victorian window reading in the summer.

Sadly I don’t have big Victorian windows, it is winter, and I don’t yet have a reading chair! I do have plenty of books I want to read though and love sitting with one of my favourite crime magazines too.

An ensuite

Whilst there are only three of us in the house an ensuite would be lovely. I used to have one and cursed it as giving me extra cleaning though! Maybe I need enough money for a big house with an ensuite and a cleaner, problem solved!

A walk in wardrobe

I can never have enough wardrobe space so a big walk in wardrobe, more like an extra room, would be perfect. Potentially a second one for shoes too.

What luxuries would you love in a dream bedroom?

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