It is that time of year when we all look at our gardens and wish we had done more to make them summer-ready. I know I really need to cut the grass again for a start but there is so much I wish I could do given more money, more time or a bigger garden.

So, instead of cutting the grass, I thought I would share my little daydreams for my dream garden with you.

Vegetable garden with herbs. The young sorrel grows in the earth.

A vegetable patch

I would love a garden with space for a vegetable patch. However, I am pretty rubbish at keeping plants alive so I probably would need a gardener too!

I would love to be able to grow my own vegetables. That said, I sometimes grow herbs on the windowsill but that is not the same. Homegrown always tastes so much nicer I find.

A summer house

I would love a garden summer house where I could sit and read on my own with a glass of wine. a hot tub in there would be pretty nice too if that isn’t being too greedy.

It would take over our garden if we had one the size I want now though so maybe this is a good plan for when we move to Majorca one day!

A Beekeeping Area

A beekeeping area in your garden, complete with the right beekeeping kit and supplies, provides benefits beyond honey production. Bees are essential for pollination, promoting the growth and health of your plants.

By planting bee-friendly flowers and herbs like lavender, sunflowers, and mint and ensuring a nearby water source, you can create an ideal environment for the bees.

Whether you hire a beekeeper or embark on beekeeping as a hobby with the assistance of a starter kit, you’ll actively contribute to bee conservation while enjoying a thriving garden.

A gardener for my dream garden

I would love my very own garden designer, can you imagine a life where you just ask for someone to put some lovely flowers in and then a few hours later it has been done?

Obviously, I could do that myself but it would never look as nice. Besides, if it is a nice-looking gardener it would be a good distraction when working from home every day.

A fruit tree

A few years ago I lived in a house with a gorgeous plum tree. I would love that again one day. Once I made such yummy jam with them and enjoyed the plums whenever I wanted.

It did however require a bit of maintenance as if you don’t pick up fallen fruit the wasps get them!

If I had two fruit trees I would love a hammock between the two. Imagine lying in a hammock relaxing and reading, my idea of heaven!

A hedgehog living in my dream garden

Yes, I know how silly this sounds but we sometimes have a hedgehog wandering in our garden but I would love to see him/her more often.

They are one of my favourite creatures and I always think it is so relaxing watching them wander across the grass.

Did you know hedgehogs like cheese? I didn’t until I googled it once and then fed one some!

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