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If you are not a drinker or perhaps you are driving so you need low alcohol or alcohol-free alternative to champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine then here are a few alternatives for you that should help you with ideas.

When you may be drinking champagne and how that affects alternatives

There are a number of times you may be drinking champagne and in my opinion, that really affects what you choose as an alternative.

Sometimes you just want to fit in with those who are drinking champagne and not be obviously drinking something different. Other times maybe you just want something fizzy but don’t mind how it looks to others.

Non-alcoholic alternatives to champagne

Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink made with tea. It is non-alcoholic but tastes in many ways similar to an alcoholic drink as the way it is made is very similar to some alcohols. Kombucha is a sparkling tea, if you like, it is a great alternative to champagne with dry and sweeter versions available for different tastes. Kombucha is available in low-calorie versions if preferred too.

Non-alcoholic wine is easily available and there are a lot of sparkling varieties available. That said, if you are not keen on champagne you may also not like the non-alcoholic version as they are extremely similar. Non-alcoholic wines are usually significantly lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts.

Appletiser or appleade is a good alternative if you genuinely do not like the taste of wine and just want something sweet and of a similar colour. Sometimes these are very high in sugar though so if you are trying to be healthy opt for a sugar-free or light variety.

Sparkling grape juice used to be the only real choice as an alternative to wine. It is not used as much nowadays as there are so many, more realistic, alternatives available. If it is to your taste though then it is definitely worth considering. There are low-calorie versions available as well as red and white versions.

Low alcohol alternatives to champagne

If you prefer to still enjoy alcohol but have a lower-alcohol version of champagne or prosecco then the supermarket often has a variety of low-alcohol versions available. Low alcoholic versions are usually lower in calories too. If that isn’t to your taste then here are a few other things you could consider.

Bucks Fizz uses half and half orange juice and the usual champagne or prosecco. It is a great way of reducing the amount you drink but the calories are usually pretty similar to that of a glass of champagne. If you are reducing alcohol then this could be a good option.

Drinking less is a good option if you are trying to drink less alcohol but enjoy the usual champagne. Instead of opting for a low-calorie option instead just have less!

Using non-alcoholic champagne alternatives in cocktails

If you are looking for a way to use non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic champagne in cocktails this will change the options you should consider. Kombucha, for example, is great in cocktails as an alternative whereas Appletiser changes the flavour of the cocktail completely!

Have you tried any good alternatives to champagne? Are you a Kombucha fan? Do let me know in the comments below.

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