It is almost prom season and of course, there are many summer weddings too so now is the time to be looking for suits for your teenager so you don’t leave it too late.

We recently bought Ben a suit for my brother’s wedding so I thought I would share with you a photo of my handsome boy and a few tips we discovered along the way!

Ben trying on a dark blue suit

The above photo shows Ben trying on suits and wearing the one we eventually decided on. He is a young man so following our thoughts and advice from the shop here are some tips that may help you to find the perfect suit for your teenager.

Look for a colour that looks smart but also does not look too dreary. Navy is perfect for this for a teenager unless they need black specifically.

Go for a modern look of the fabric. This one looked so much better on Ben than a standard navy suit. It had more texture which is perfect for the younger man.

Try different cuts and look at more fitted styles. These work much better for younger figures and tend to avoid the look of the suit hanging off them!

Get the suit tailored to fit perfectly. Whilst this can be expensive it can change the look of the suit completely from one they have borrowed and is too long in the arms to one that suits them.

Look at different trousers styles as well as jackets.

Here is a video you may find helpful but also a little amusing basically pulling apart Jeremy Clarkson’s style! Have a watch and see the mistakes that he appears to be making and perhaps find the perfect suit for your teen without making them look like their Grandad!

Have you bought your son a suit and have any more tips I have missed? Do comment below and share them. So many parents will be looking for suits at the moment and it can be a blooming stressful time!

Remember a proper suit shop will always be more knowledgeable than a high street store that just happens to stock a couple of suits. They know how to take a suit in or let it out to fit perfectly and will honestly tell you how things fit.

Be careful though we know how places like to always up-sell. If you have shoes that are perfect don’t be tempted to buy theirs!

Top Tips for choosing a suit for your teenager

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