This year has been so exciting. It has been a year this week since we moved into our new house. Whilst we have already changed our front garden (I have previously shared about that), the back garden, other than having the trees chopped down, hadn’t been touched.

Why did we chop down the trees?

Whilst I understand you may wonder why we had the trees cut down in our back garden when they are so good for the environment there are reasons.

Firstly, the trees were not well looked over by the previous owners of our house and needed cutting back significantly at the bare minimum.

Secondly, we wanted to build a garden room in the area that they were in. We live in an area of Sherwood Forest and the estate we live on is surrounded by trees and wildlife so we didn’t feel it was harming the environment too much by doing this.

Our Garden Room

We didn’t build our garden room ourselves as frankly, it is beyond our skill set! That said we very much designed how we wanted it and found the best company we could to build our dream garden room.

We chose Rainworth Garden Buildings which are local to us so if you are looking for a Rainworth Garden Buildings review then this might help you but otherwise, it may just give you some ideas.

The room took around 5 weeks to complete due to a few small setbacks, including the roots of the cherry tree taking a long time to remove!

We chose composite for the building and also the decking to make it low maintenance and easy to keep clean. The garden room is 5 metres wide and 3 meters deep with an attached 3-metre by 3-metre canopy for the hot tub.

Colours and styles

We loved the idea of greys for the garden room so it looks smart and doesn’t look bright and unsightly for neighbours. The inside of our garden room is painted with white emulsion on the ceiling and slate grey woodwork.

The walls are painted in Rock Salt emulsion by Victory Colours. I received this from the company to try out and share with you. It is an eco-friendly brand and I really love its values. If you are looking for paint for a project I would definitely recommend looking at Victory Colours to ensure you don’t get a pain full of chemicals. The colour is slightly grey-white and is more obvious in different lights that it isn’t white but we love it.

What have we put in our home gym?

Whilst I was so excited to use our home gym I haven’t been able to yet as I am still recovering from Covid Pneumonia and the doctors have said I need to wait until my breathing improves some more before trying anything like that.

We have filled it with lots of things already though and both Ben and Stuart have been using it. I have listed them below for you in case you would like to buy anything similar!

Our Hot tub

We had to have our hot tub craned in which was crazy but it was a bit tight trying to fit it down the side of the house due to the layout and fences etc.

We have a six-seater hot tub with one reclined seat which is the perfect combination for us as a family. It is wired in and under the canopy next to our garden room home gym.

Our hot tub is an Oasis Spa RX 562 and we love it. There are so many hot tubs available it is best to go somewhere and have a proper look at the different choices to find what is right for you.

All the images in this article are of our own garden room used as a home gym and our new artificial grass and decking too!

If you found this helpful please share!

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