I had never considered Bellydancing for fitness or to improve mental health so when I realised from my friend Sophie that it is possible I was keen for her to share this with you.

Benefits of Bellydancing

Bellydance boosts your mood, core, confidence and contributes to your total fitness. 

We often steer away from gentle exercising that’s low resistance and ‘slower,’ but whilst I may perform acrobatic sets during a Bellydance performance, the core of this art form and dance derives from enjoying your body as it moves. 

A good shimmy and belly dance class not only burns calories but Bellydancing helps to strengthen your core which improves your posture and it provides a full workout for your mind and body. 

How Bellydancing can help you

Bellydancing is based on small but isolated movements, as well as holding a ‘core posture,’ which means you engage and use a range of muscles that are often neglected.  

The isolating moves of this dance form, from the percussive hip drops to the undulations of a belly roll and your posture as you perfect your snake arms movement, all contribute to a power-packed full-body ‘exercise class.’ 

The results are much more transformational than physically a “stronger leaner body,” however. You’ll improve your confidence, become part of a community, and learn the art of breathwork as well as work in the ‘flow’ with your body rather than against it. 

Sophie’s Bellydance classes

Many of my Bellydance students find that this dance class helps to ease aches and pains, improve flexibility and reduce inflammation throughout your body thanks to the gentle joint movements of the wrist in your hand positions and the mobility of the spine through fluid movements. 

Plus when I discovered Bellydance aged 14, I finally embraced who I was inside out. 

So whilst the physical fitness benefits of Bellydance are impressive, the results of regularly practising this low-impact dance can be life-long. 

I challenge you not to feel good in mind and body after a class. Feel strong, sensual and smile as you shimmy walk or Arabesque to the beat of your own drum. 

Sophie teaches classes live and on-demand online or one-to-one in person and via video call as well as running regular classes from Wakefield City Centre, West Yorkshire. She teaches and performs at events, weddings, parties, and venues and teaches workshops throughout the UK. 

Wakefield in-person classes started in January 2022 on Wednesdays and Fridays at The Sparkle Hub inside The Yard at The Ridings Shopping Centre. 

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