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Can you skateboard for exercise?

Most people think that skateboarding only helps them cruise around town faster. Besides, most adults perceive skateboarding as exercise for teenagers and young children. Well, that’s too bad because, other than acting as a means of movement, skateboarding has many perks.

Are you struggling with weight loss? Have you added extra kilos lately? Then it’s time to shop for a skateboard and adopt a new hobby. In this guide, we’ll answer the question of how good a workout skateboarding is. Read on to learn more.

But first, let’s understand who can skateboard for exercise.

Is Skateboarding an Exercise for Pros?

The good thing about skateboarding as an exercise is that anyone can engage. Skateboarding is not only perfect for a beginner but is also ideal for children and adults alike. However, as a beginner, you have to take it slow and only try what feels comfortable.

Research indicates that you don’t have to try out tricks to enjoy the health benefits of skateboarding. Even if you cruise on flat terrain, you’ll still feel the impact of the exercise. You’re probably wondering how skateboarding helps you work out. Let’s find out!

How is Skateboarding a Good Workout?

To observers, skateboarding may seem like standing on a board still and kicking the ground often while the board moves around. Well, on the contrary, skateboarding involves moving your whole body and working out core muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise

The activity also involves working out the cardiovascular muscles. For instance, if you decide to skate through hilly terrain, you’ll have to kick the ground and push your body to move the board. By so doing, you can expect to use a lot of energy that helps your heart remain healthy.

Works out the legs

If you’ve used a skateboard before or even seen someone cruise around your neighbourhood, you’ll see that they keep kicking their legs. The repetitive motion of kicking feet on the ground and balancing the other leg strengthens the leg muscles.

To fully benefit from these leg workouts, experts recommend that you keep switching legs instead of using one continuously.

Strengthens the arm muscles

Depending on the terrain, you can also stand still on the board and propel it using your arms. The movement of the arms is a good exercise, especially if you’re struggling to lose arm fat. It could be a good alternative to strength training. However, the use of hands to skateboard isn’t recommended for beginners. Concentrate on your feet first!

Builds core muscles

Skateboarding also strengthens core muscles such as the glutes, abs, quads, and the lower back. Standing on the board and using your body to propel it requires a strong core.

Strengthening the core muscles doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, if you cannot propel the board using your core at first, you have to take it slow because the core strengthens over time. The more you practice, the better you become.

Improves flexibility

Flexibility allows you to move your body in whichever direction without any injuries. The good news is that you can improve your flexibility if you skateboard. Ideally, a skateboarder leans in different directions while at the same time moving different body parts.

The activity eventually improves general body fitness and flexibility.

Aids weight loss

Skateboarding is an intense aerobic activity. Experts say that you can lose between 8-12 calories every minute while cruising on a skateboard. Therefore, if you skateboard for an hour, you can expect to burn an average of 500 calories.

In a nutshell, skateboarding not only offers a fast means of movement and fun but also makes for a great workout routine for all people.

Beginners should start slow to avoid injuries. It’s also paramount to wear protective gear such as shoes, gloves, and a helmet when skateboarding. Most importantly, get yourself the right board.

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