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Many students breathe a sigh of relief when they hand in their last paper, close their textbooks for good, and head out into the career field. They can finally say goodbye to dedicated study days and final exam nerves. Do you want to further your studies?

While it can be freeing to graduate and never have to think about another lecture, you don’t have to say no to further education permanently. In fact, there can be value in pursuing study in the future for some of the following reasons. 

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More Career Opportunities

Your initial degree or certificate in your chosen field can open many doors of opportunity, especially when you’re qualified in your area, and can immediately be of use to employers and clients. However, if you were to undertake further training, such as trauma therapy training if you were a qualified therapist, you might discover additional employment opportunities that didn’t exist without that extra training. If you ever felt like you were stagnating in your current role, considering further education in your field might be the answer to ensure you experience fulfilment in your career. 

Better Pay

Increased pay generally comes with more experience, so once you graduate with a qualification, you can typically expect to earn more money as the years go by. However, you might be able to speed up the process of increasing your pay packet by upskilling in your field. 

The more experience and qualifications you have, the more in demand your skillset might be, which can sometimes mean employers are willing to pay you more. If you’re self-employed, your additional skills or qualifications might also mean you can charge a higher hourly rate.  

More Networking Opportunities

Post-secondary schooling environments typically offer an abundance of networking and communication opportunities. You can connect with your peers, form friendships, and rely on them to advance your career prospects at a later date. 

However, these connections can sometimes fade with time, and you have to ensure you nurture the relationships you’ve built over the years to keep reaping those same rewards. Further study sometimes allows you to benefit from new networking opportunities that take your career even further. The more educational settings you explore, the more potential relationships you might be able to form. 

Increased Professional Confidence

Nearly all industries are changing rapidly, with advancements in techniques and technology that can sometimes make your previous qualifications less relevant than they used to be. You can always benefit from the fundamentals of any study program, but you might gain more confidence in your abilities and relevance in your field by keeping up with the latest advancements.

For example, best practices in counselling are changing all the time, and enrolling in courses focused on the latest developments might ensure you have complete faith in the methods and techniques you use with your patients and clients. When you’re up-to-date with best practices, you might also stand out as an authority in your field, which might not be the case if you fail to upskill. 

As challenging as further study can be when you vowed never to step foot in a classroom again, it can be worth it for many reasons. Alongside increased professional confidence, you might enjoy more networking opportunities, increased pay, and even better career prospects. Now might be the right time to explore your advancement options.

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