I don’t often wear make-up but when I do I feel my confidence improves. I’ve no idea why as I know it doesn’t change who I am. Also as I am approaching 40 much quicker than I would like I feel like I should be taking better care of my skin.

Angela Langford bottle of face oil

Skincare for my confidence

I don’t believe in using lots of face creams and such. It just seems illogical to add creams if you don’t have dry skin and have no need for it. Maybe when I am 70 I will regret that decision though? Will I still worry about my confidence then? I do try to keep on top of spots though and seem to get a lot when my hormones kick in at certain times of the month! Maybe I should be using something regularly like Environ Sebuwash to remove excess oils on my face and thus prevent spots? I love that even food can be used for skincare!

I have recently been sent the above face oil from Angela Langford as a press sample to try out. The Bloom and Glow face oil is perfect for sensitive skin and as I react to almost anything I was impressed to discover I didn’t react to it! It smells lovely and is made with chia seed and sea buckthorn. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it felt great on my skin and did give me a little glow. Just applying it makes me smile!

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Nail buddy with nail polish bottle in and brush next to it

Nails when I can

I am trying to get into the habit of wearing nail polish again. A few years or so ago I used to wear it a lot but never really have time anymore. I must start though as looking at nice nails makes me smile and painting my nails is so relaxing! This Nail Buddy pictured above I recently bought at This Morning Live is a great tool to stop you from spilling nail polish when painting your nails!

set of sport fx make up to help my confidence

Make-up for my confidence

I used to wear more makeup than I do now. Hardly ever now do I wear it, though I had my make up done recently at This Morning Live and bought the products they used (pictured above). I have actually enjoyed doing my make-up a few times since using my new kit. It has improved my confidence no end. I need to go through my old make-up and get rid of lots! What do you do with all your old makeup? I am guessing it just needs binning?

Pura cosmetics lip balm and scrub

Lips every day

If I don’t have time to do makeup or have nowhere to go, I am trying to still look after my lips. I get terribly sore and dry lips. This, I think, is partly due to dehydration as I never drink enough water! I recently bought a gorgeous set with lip balm and lip scrub. You may not have heard of Perfect Pout from Pura cosmetics before. A young entrepreneur, Rose Dyson founded the brand aged just 15. She is now 19 and all the ranges are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The products do not contain any plastic and all smell amazing!

Do you find looking after yourself helps with your self-confidence? What are your preferred brands or suggestions of new things I could try? Do drop them in the comments for me.

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Using make-up and skincare to improve my confidence

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