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If you ate all of lockdown, raise your hand? You are not alone! I was appalled to see that I had gained 9 pounds in the first half of this year. I immediately set out on a mission to rectify that because I am only 5ft5 so I don’t carry extra weight well without getting the pregnancy questions. Here are 5 ways to lose weight that actually work.

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Given that it hasn’t even been a year since I gave birth, I was not at all mentally prepared for those kinds of questions. Also, it’s frowned upon to swear at your grandmother – so my only remaining option was to shed those extra suckers before Christmas and the family lunch. Here are the 5 ways I used to lose them in 2 months.

Say No to Soda and Juices

Sugary drinks are strongly linked to weight gain. Before lockdown I had been very good and only had around 1 a month, during lockdown was another story. I am very sure I helped a Coke exec buy his 4th holiday home… The problem with consuming sugary drinks is that they up your daily calorie intake by a shed-load but don’t make you feel full, so what ends up happening is you consume around 25% more calories a day than you need to, depending on how many glasses you have. 

Track Yourself

There are loads of food journaling apps out there that help you track your calorie consumption and allow you to subtract your exercise from that as well. The only way for that to work though is for you to be 100% honest with what you eat and how much exercise you do. I limited myself to 1200 calories a day because I am a super impatient person, but you can do what is comfortable for you. Tracking your intake and output really helps you stay focused on your daily goals.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is vital for many factors that play a role in weight loss, such as digestion and muscle function. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant, when you stomach senses that it is full it sends a signal to your brain to tell you to put the cookie down. Drinking water is much easier if you use cute hydro flask stickers to visually map out your water consumption needs. I drank a litre before 10 am everyday day this way, which set the tone for the rest of my day.

Have Protein for Breakfast

A high-protein breakfast helps you to lose weight that actually work by increasing muscle mass, energy expenditure and decreases your desire to snack at night. It also boosts satiety hormones which tell you you’re full faster than other food groups. So, eat that bacon and egg brekkie, or whichever slimming breakfast recipe strikes your fancy – just skip the toast!

Eat Slower

Eating slower helped me eat much less. I dished up half of my “lockdown” portions and then ate those, just much slower than before. Sometimes when I’m trying to gain control of a situation (like dealing with a pandemic) I hit a panic mode and try and do everything at a million miles an hour – apparently, this included eating dinner. Eat slower and you’ll feel fuller quicker.

These tips helped me and I am sure they will help you too. Do you have any ways you know that help you to lose weight that actually works? Good luck! 

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