Do you love jewellery as much as I do? I rarely wear it but when I do I want to wear something special, something personal. Whilst I have a few lockets I don’t think you can ever have enough! All those precious memories are held close to your heart.

Choosing beautiful lockets in some ways is easy compared to choosing the photos for it! When Lily Blanche asked if I would like to review a locket I was so excited.

Choosing a locket

Lily Blanche has so many lockets to choose from it was really tough to choose my favourite! They have ones with four photos in, others with six in and lots with one or two photos.

I always thought of lockets as hearts, ovals or perhaps rare other shapes, the choice generally is reasonably limited. I was so surprised by how many lockets Lily Blanche sell I was truly spoilt for choice!

Eventually, I decided on a rose gold bee locket in a hexagon shape with a silver bee charm and a 24-inch chain. I love lockets with long chains because it means that I can look at the pictures whenever I am wearing them!

The locket I chose has space for two photos and also engraving for up to 16 characters.

Personalising my locket

Choosing the locket was hard but deciding on photos and engraving was harder! Eventually, I decided on “My Family” for the engraving and a photo of me and Stuart on one side and Stuart and Ben on the other.

I have another locket with pictures of Ben as a baby but felt I wanted something that represents us as a family this time!

It is really easy to upload your photos and choose your engraving with three different font options.

I love that there are so many different ways of making the locket personal to me. I chose the rose gold locket and silver bee but could have easily chosen a matching rose gold bee or even a gold bee or perhaps a gold or silver locket, a great way to really make it personal to you!

Choosing beautiful lockets for gifts

I would highly recommend Lily Blanche lockets as a gift because there really is something for everyone! I absolutely love the bird locket which contains a secret message or small keepsake. I am really tempted to treat myself to one soon!

If you are buying for someone to remember a loved one who has passed away then I love the look of the feather locket. Feathers are so often a symbol associated with people having passed away so it would be a perfect touch I think.

What do you think? Do you like the locket I chose or do you prefer a different style? What photos would you choose for inside? Let me know in the comments below!

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