Disclaimer – I was sent the make-up bags from The Flat Lay Co. in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

Do you wear makeup but seem to spend forever trying to find items in a makeup bag? I often end up tipping it all out and then having to repack it. When I first heard of The Flat Lay Co. and their make-up bags I was intrigued. My friend had told me about them so when I was offered to review them I couldn’t resist.

A selection of makeup items and brushes on dressing table
Make-up all over a dressing table without a make-up bag

When your dressing table looks like this all the time you know it is time for a new plan! This make-up bag and cosmetic mat in one is absolutely perfect for at home and on holidays.

The Flat Lay Co products on marble background
Half open Flat Lay Co. Make-up bag

What is the open flat make-up bag?

Can you imagine a nicely laid-out make-up bag wherever you go? This is what the open flat bags are.

When opened flat they become like a cosmetics mat and hold your make-up too. Never again will you have to rummage in your make-up bag looking for the eyeliner at the bottom!

Open Flatlay on marble background
Flat Lay Co. bag fully open

The amazing thing about this is that it can be fully opened, left half way or completely closed.

Closeup of makeup products in bag on marble background
The Flat Lay Co. make-up bag half closed

It is perfect for travelling or day-to-day use. In a hotel room without much of a dressing table, you can always open the bag up in the sink to do your cosmetics and then quickly tidy it away.

Flatlay Co bag closed on marble surface
Closed The Flat Lay Co. bag

How can you buy this amazing make-up bag?

If you love the idea of these then they are available in two sizes. The largest is a 50cm make-up bag, which means when it is open it is 50cm across so holds a lot of cosmetics! The smaller is the mini which is 33cm across when fully opened.

The black one pictured above with a box is the larger one, the blue one shown in various stages is the smaller one.

Both are available on The Flat Lay Co. website in a variety of colours and designs to suit everyone. Perfect for decluttering your beauty products!

Do you have make-up designs you struggle to draw? Check out these tips.

Pinterest pin of The Flat Lay Co product

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