It is freezing, isn’t it? Sometimes I love cold weather but sometimes I long for the sun to come back! How about you? Do you ever holiday in the winter?

I have never been anywhere after October but lately, I have been thinking about different winter holiday ideas and thought I would share with you some places I would love to go. Now if any of you would love to pay for me to go on any of them do let me know!


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Visiting Santa

I may be in my 40s but I would really love to go on a winter holiday to Lapland to see the man who makes dreams come true!

Allegedly I am a bit too big to sit on his knee now but it would be a lovely place to visit. If I had the money I would take all my family too especially the younger children as it would be so magical to see their faces.


I am so uncoordinated it is unreal but I would love to go skiing. Admittedly I don’t really know much about ski holidays so would definitely need to do some research but it just sounds such fun.

I would probably end up in a pile at the bottom of the mountain crying that it is cold though! Austria sounds like a good place to go and there are some great packages. You could also Try out other winter sports.

Winter Sun

I would love to go to Australia and there it is summer when we have cold winters so that would be a perfect winter holiday without experiencing the cold!

Though I am really not sure about the idea of a sunny Christmas though. Is that something that appeals to you? For me Christmas is all about wrapping up warm with a hot chocolate and hoping it snows on Christmas day when you don’t have to go out anywhere.

I’d also love to go to Phoenix, Arizona, known as “the valley of the sun.” The weather is gorgeous in the wintertime and there are so many fun things to do in Phoenix!

It’s truly a haven for outdoor lovers and you can hike the mountains in and around the city and go boating on the lakes during the winter. And, I really want to drive a couple of hours north to see the stunning red rocks of Sedona for a real treat.

The Caribbean is a perfect place to go for winter sun. Antigua would be my favourite as it looks amazing. I have been browsing different places and the Jumby bay island Antigua hotel sounds like my cup of tea for winter sun!


I would love to see the Northern lights and stay in an ice hotel. It might be cold but it sounds so amazing and would be a real winter holiday. At least in Iceland they are used to the cold weather and set up a bit better for it.

I am sure this country seems surprised every time there is a bit of snow and everything stops. How many times in the snow in the UK does everyone panic buy three loaves of bread? You wouldn’t have that in Iceland I am sure!


Another possibility is of course a nice cruise holiday from the UK. I have recently been looking at nice cruises from UK ports for throughout the year and found they are much better priced than I realised!

There are so many options and all are perfect for a nice break. Winter UK cruises are becoming ever-popular so I would love to give them a try.

Where would your favourite destinations be for a holiday in the winter? Is there anywhere that is amazing to visit that I have not considered?

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