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As the old saying goes, the family that travels together stays together. Well, that might not be exactly how it goes, but it could certainly be true, right?

When you travel as a family it can be a great way to spend quality time together, without the distractions of everyday life.

You can get to know each other properly, and relax in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do so at home. But sometimes, family travel isn’t always as plain sailing as you might hope, and you might find yourself wanting to travel as a couple or even heading off on a solo trip by yourself.

So with that in mind, here are some ideas of the places that you could visit, for all of your travel needs. As fun as being with the kids can be, it can be nice to get away as a couple for a special occasion, or even take some ‘annual leave’ from being a mum.

Are there any places that you have been to before? It would be great to hear what you think.

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For Families

Family destinations will depend on the ages of your children and the kind of trips that you enjoy.

Some people can’t stand just sitting by the beach, others prefer cities like Porto, Portugal, whereas others will love it. So here are a few different family-friendly locations that could work for you.

Marathon, Florida: is a great option for families in the Florida Keys as there are many fabulous things to do in Marathon that are perfect for young kids including the Turtle Hospital and the Dolphin research centre, which are not only fun for kids but educational.

Orlando, Florida: there is so much for families to do in Orlando, that you might even run out of time.

There aren’t just theme parks, though, as there are water parks, great shopping, good food, and even the beach around an hour’s drive away.

France: France is quite a large country, but there is plenty to offer families, depending on what you want. Beaches, cities, historic sites, and good food aplenty.

Costa Blanca in Spain: Spain is a favourite destination for Brits, but it is pretty easy to see why. Good beaches, good weather, and not too far to fly for families. Costa Blanca offers quite a lot, though, as there are mountains to explore, waterfalls, theme parks, and animal parks.

Turkey sounds perfect for families, fellow blogger Vicky, and her daughter love going there and her photos always look great. Check them out on Tilly’s travelling telegram.

Solo Travel

If you fancy a trip as a solo traveller, then it can feel quite daunting when you’re used to little people being around you all the time!.

As for the destination, you can choose pretty much anywhere! Make the most of the time with no distractions, though, and perhaps go somewhere a little further afield.

Places like Iceland and Peru are popular with solo travellers, or you could even head over to California and do the ‘Wild’ hiking route.

For Couples

There are some particular places that stand out for couples taking a trip. Here are a few ideas:

Italy: the whole place is a dream! But places like Rome or Venice are perfect for a trip for two. There are plenty of things you can do in Rome that will surely add adventure to your trip.

Caribbean: need I go on? Being able to relax in some luxury without children can be an amazing trip for something like an anniversary.

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