This article contains a link to some amazing villas in Bali I have been paid to include. They look fabulous though so, of course, I want to go there!

Here in the UK, the summer is pretty much over so I have been daydreaming of holidays and amazing destinations to visit. Bali is just coming to the end of its busiest season but that is a perfect time in my eyes to visit.

I just need to come into some money now to do the trip properly! Whilst taking a backpack and travelling that way seems a good idea I love the idea of a luxury holiday.

villa in bali

In fact, one day I would love to fly to Bali via private jet! Private jets are a great way to travel in style and nowadays thanks to private jet cards and other loyalty schemes, flying via private jet has never been more affordable. You can learn more about the average jet card cost by doing some research online. So before you follow in my footsteps, here are the reasons I would love to visit Bali.

5 Reasons to visit Bali

The Climate in Bali

Bali is just 8 degrees south of the equator so has a great climate all year round. I would probably want to avoid the monsoon period though which is October to April and worst December to March. The risk of rain would just be no good for me. When I go to Bali it will be for the sunshine!

The beaches

The Bali beaches sound and look amazing with beaches in the south having white sand and beaches in the north and west having black sand. How amazing is that? I love that the island is surrounded by coral reefs. If only I could swim! Maybe this would be the perfect holiday when I learn to swim!

The Villas

This is the sort of holiday where I think you really need a villa to enjoy it properly. They have amazing family villas in Bali with staff too. It sounds amazing. With a pool and space to relax, the sort of holiday I would never want to leave! Villa Finder can even help you find the perfect villa for your needs and sort out random extras you may need like a birthday cake or even a yoga teacher while you are there. Not many places offer that kind of customer care, do they!

sunset over the sea

The culture of Bali

Bali has such a different culture to us which I would find fascinating. It is predominantly a Hindu country with many festivals throughout the year. The temples look fabulous and I can only imagine they would look so much better in reality than they do in pictures.

The wildlife and plants

With such a different climate to ours the animals, birds and plants are so different. It would be amazing to see all this on a holiday as it looks so beautiful. I love snakes so would be fascinated to see the king cobra on the island.

How about you?

Have you ever visited Bali? Does it sound like your kind of holiday? I would love to hear about your dream holidays so do tell me in the comments below. Partly so I can daydream some more and avoid working and partly to give me more ideas of places I would love to visit.

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  1. Bali is on my bucket list of places to go. I would love the villas. And the beaches there I’ve seen are completely amazing.

  2. I haven’t but I really would love to visit! I am still trying to convince some friends to choose Bali for our trip next year.

  3. I would love to visit the beaches in Bali too. I have heard so many good things about them and I’ve seen gorgeous photos of Bali. It really is a beautiful place.