Disclaimer – I was sent some items from Gaston Luga in return for sharing them with you. All opinions however are my own.

Do you love a good bag as much as I do? I have so many bags but always end up going with the same ones! A bag has to have pockets, be comfortable to carry and be stylish. Do you agree?

A pink and black backpack on wooden surface

What can these bags hold?

I received two bags from Gaston Luga from Stockholm, Sweden to try out. They make quality bags with a typically Swedish design and offer free delivery and returns worldwide. The above pink and black one is from the Classy range. The black one below is from the Praper range. Both are large enough to hold a small laptop, the Classy a 11-13″ laptop and the Praper a 13-15″ laptop.

A black backpack on wooden surface

The laptop can be held in a separate pocket and there is still space for all your other essentials too. Both styles have a hidden back pocket for valuables too so are designed well.

An open pink and black backpack on wooden surface

How well are the bags made?

The bags have studs on the bottom to ensure they can be safely put down without wearing quickly on the base. I love this in bags and wish more brands considered it!

A pink and black backpack on a wooden surface

Every bit of the bag is well made and thought out. The straps are secure and well made and the bags feel comfortable to carry. Secure fastenings keep your belongings safe and without compromising on style.

What uses do the bags have?

The black bag we received from the Praper range is designed for men and the pink one from the classy range designed for women. Both however are stylish and would be suitable for either really in my opinion.

The size of the bags makes them perfect for a long-lasting stylish school bag for a teenager too. In fact, I gave the pink one to a friend’s teenage daughter and she loves it.

In my eyes, they are perfect for freelancers or entrepreneurs who may work in various locations to take everything they need out and about.

A clear cosmetics bag on wooden surface

Value for money and offers

Gaston Luga has often got offers for free gifts with purchases. The above passport case and toiletries bag have both been on recent offers.

The toiletries bag is currently available with any backpack purchase in September. I love that it is clear, perfect for travelling. The travel bag sells for £29 so a great deal!

The Classy Pink and black backpack is £89 and is available also in black or navy and brown.

The Praper Black is £109 and available for the same price in olive and black or navy and brown.

I think they are great value and would definitely recommend them. Do you like the look of them?

A stylish Swedish backpack for everyday use

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