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Have you ever been at a party (hard to imagine back that far right now!) when someone asks you what you do and stares blankly when you explain? That is probably because they were never told about that job when at school.

On reflection, careers education and guidance were pretty poor for a while, trying to pigeonhole people into particular jobs. Luckily, schools across England are improving things right now with the introduction of the Gatsby Benchmarks, the final of which ensures that all secondary school students have access to impartial career guidance.

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Here are four jobs you might not have been told about at school:

Die Caster

It sounds like it could be the name of someone who has to throw dice, right? Well, yes… but that is not the correct answer. Die casters are the workers responsible for operating a die casting machine.

Die casting is the process by which molten metal is transferred into moulds to create specific metal parts, including parts for machinery like lawnmowers and even components of aeroplanes.

This role involves following stringent health and safety guidelines.

Food Stylist

We’ve all been transfixed on an advert before when the food presented to us looks so moreish, right? Well, someone (or sometimes even multiple people) has been paid to make it look appetising, and we are not talking about professional chefs.

In fact, the food you drool over might not even be edible, and that steam you say coming off the food might have actually come from a microwaved tampon or sponge hidden under the rim of the plate!

Just like models on a runway or a photoshoot have hair stylists and make-up artists to ensure they look top-notch, food products also have the same opportunities.

Dating Copywriter

Aspiring to be a professional writer would undoubtedly have been encouraged by your teachers at school. However, with the technological advances within society and the pandemic, meaning that many business owners have had to revolutionise their offerings, the dating copywriter has become a more popular job title of late.

Typically, the role will involve supporting a client to create the most alluring profiles for online dating sites. A decent copywriter, in any sector, has the ability to craft the most appealing content from a variety of starting points. Selling someone as a suitable date is not that far removed from traditional jobs a writer would expect to receive.


Over the past decade, a growing number of people have applied to become midwives. Some say the increased popularity is due to reality TV shows detailing footage of births.

Well, a doula might be a better option if people are concerned about their lack of qualifications or perhaps those who wish to offer support to impending mothers keen to have home births, perhaps.

A doula can actually offer support during pregnancy, including helping to finalise a birthing plan, and after the baby has been born too, assisting with settling as a family.

However, the primary role involves guiding the mother through the challenges associated with childbirth.

A group of people posing for the camera

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