If your dad is a lover of all things tech, or maybe even your grandad is down with the latest gadgets, then you’re probably wondering what on earth to buy them for Father’s Day.

I have a guest post here from a tech-savvy blogger with lots of ideas for you for tech gifts for dads this year.

Kieren is a tech enthusiast on a journey to create the ultimate smart home. He shares this journey and writes about his favourite gadgets over at Smart Home Insider.

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Speaking as a tech-savvy person myself, I’ve compiled a huge list of product ideas perfect for Father’s Day 2021 or perhaps a 2021 birthday. You’ve come to the right place for gift inspiration.

Amazon Echo

If your tech-loving dad doesn’t yet have a smart speaker, then it’s a simple decision. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo are all the rage and sit right at the heart of any smart home.

The speaker itself is of great quality with the ability to stream from music streaming services such as Spotify or via Bluetooth. This is one of my favourite ideas for tech gifts for dads.

The real magic is the added smarts of Amazon Alexa, the voice assistant found inside Echo speakers.

As well as controlling the speaker itself, with Alexa you can connect to and control a whole raft of smart home devices, from light bulbs to thermostats.

Ring Video Doorbell

If your dad loves the idea of a smart home, the fastest-growing smart device right now is the Ring video doorbell.

Not only is it a convenient (and also quite fun) way to converse with anyone at your doorstep, but people are also realising the security value it provides to deter thieves and stop parcel theft.

Ring has become a household name when it comes to video doorbells. However, keep in mind that this needs an ongoing subscription to access all the features so it might cost you (or dad!) more in the long run.

If you’d rather a gift that doesn’t come with strings, opt for one of the video doorbells without a subscription.


The Switchbot is a quick and easy way to make existing household appliances smart. This is a must-have for any gadget nerd like myself and a perfect gift for the tech-loving dad in your life.

Attach it next to any button or rocker switch and you’ll instantly be able to add that device to your smart home schedules and control it with your voice via the Alexa skill.

DJI Mavic Mini Portable Drone

Drones take photography to the next level with some epic aerial footage. If you’re going to buy a drone, then make it a DJI to ensure the best level of image quality and for an easy flying experience.

At just 249g, the Mavic Mini is an excellent choice for beginners. It is super compact, making it easy to pack away and take on holiday. Just check that you have permission to use it wherever you’re going!

When looking for tech gifts for dads this is definitely one that will get you lots of brownie points. I love drones. Just imagine the fun that dad could have with this.

Tech Charging Dock

If your dad already has a lot of tech gadgets, a charging dock is a great way to keep them organised and charge them all simultaneously.

It’s perfect for keeping on a bedside table to avoid messy wires with all your devices. Many of them also offer wireless charging which will give you a smooth experience if your device supports it.

Nextbase 322GW Dashcam

If you’re looking to buy a highly useful gift, they don’t come much better than the dashcam.

Put this in your windscreen and it will monitor the road whilst driving and even keep an eye on activity around your car while it’s parked.

The Nextbase 322GW is an affordable dashcam with above-average video quality and features. 

Features include a touchscreen, GPS for recording speed and location, an emergency response that will automatically contact an emergency line when an accident is detected, and more.

It has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth so you can easily view footage via the phone app. This makes the user experience extremely streamlined.

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku is one of my favourite streaming sticks and the best way to add smart functionality to your dumb old TV.

With a Roku Streaming Stick+, you can access everything from Netflix to the NBA. Plus, its streamlined shape is suitable for TVs of all shapes and sizes including wall-mounted units.

It comes with a remote that has a built-in headphone jack, perfect for dads who like to stay up later than the rest of the family. 

If you’re after a cheaper gift, the Roku Express is also a great pick, just with slimmed-down specs.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has come on a long way in the past few years and Facebook is leading the way with their Oculus Rift headset.

With a fast processor and high-res display, you can expect an immersive experience for gaming, social interactions, attending virtual events and more.

This is great for a dad who loves gaming. Just keep in mind that it does need a high-spec PC to keep up with it.

Nintendo Classic Mini Retro Console

Unfortunately, time machines haven’t yet been invented but this retro games console is a great throwback to the glory days.

The Nintendo Classic Mini allows you to play some classic 80s games in glorious HD.

It has 30 NES games built-in, with some all-time favourites such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and, of course, PAC-MAN.

It comes with a controller in the classic style. If you fancy playing two players you can simply pick up another one and plug it in.


For avid readers, Amazon’s Kindle allows you to read to your heart’s content without lugging a load of books around with you.

Unlike a phone or tablet, the Kindle prides itself on a paper-like screen that can also be backlit for reading at any time of day.

Beats wireless earbuds

Ever since Apple launched their AirPods, wireless earbuds have grown in popularity.

Unfortunately, the AirPods are only compatible with iPods, but another Apple-owned brand, Beats, has a set of wireless earbuds that are compatible with both Apple and Android products.

As you’d expect with Beats, the audio is high quality and it also includes controls for music, calls and voice assistants.

The Earbuds have 12 hours of listening time and an extended range, so you don’t need to be right near your phone.

Shower Speaker

Taking a shower with Alexa isn’t as saucy as it sounds! It is great fun with this shower speaker. 

This Alexa-enabled shower speaker will allow you to play music and control the voice assistant whilst in the bath or shower.

Whether you want to change radio stations or change the temperature via your smart thermostat, Alexa is at your command.

Go Pro HERO 11

Go Pros are the go-to action camera that can withstand the harshest of conditions and still provide perfect video footage from your experience.

The latest Go Pro, the HERO 11, shoots stunning footage up to 5.3K60 which is perfect for action-loving dads. It has a revolutionary new image sensor and can also shoot still photos at 24.7MP.

As with all Go Pros, it has advanced image stabilisation and footage can be downloaded to a smartphone for easy uploading and sharing.

Google Cardboard VR Device

Who said tech gifts have to be expensive? The Google Cardboard is a cheap way to experience virtual reality by turning your phone into a makeshift VR headset. If you are on a budget then this is one of the tech gifts for dad you should be considering!

Simply fold the Google Cardboard together, pop your phone in and you can be experiencing YouTube VR, wandering down any road in Google Maps VR and accessing an array of games designed for the platform.

Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera 

Help your dad up their photography game with a proper digital camera like this Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless digital camera.

Mirrorless cameras are a relatively new concept but are being adopted quickly thanks to their compact size and high-quality image.

The Sony Alpha A6000 is an excellent choice with 24 MP resolution, quick autofocus and the ability to use Sony’s wide range of lenses.

Living room projector

Anker’s Nebula range of projectors is highly rated and very reasonably priced. 

They vary from the Nebula Capsule, which is compact and portable, up to the Nebula Cosmos which is brighter and with more features. This is a great living room experience.

Smart Watch

As an avid smartwatch wearer myself, I can vouch that it will be a great gift for your dad. Smartwatches put all the essential functions of your phone, right on your wrist for quick glances and easy access.

If your father has an iPhone, then you’ll want to opt for the Apple Watch. However, if like most tech lovers, he’s an Android user, then the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch will go down a treat.

It has a stainless steel and leather design with a round watch face that emulates a traditional watch.

However, it’s far from traditional. It has a rotating bezel for scrolling through menus, a strong Gorilla Glass screen for maximum protection, NFC to make payments with your wrist and a heart rate monitor. 

Solar Power Bank

With all those tech gadgets comes a huge demand for power and there’s nothing worse than a dead battery when you’re out of the house.

Well, a solar power bank is the perfect way to get your devices back up and running again with the help of the sun.

It’s also highly portable and sturdy.

Smart Light Bulbs

If your dad is a smart home enthusiast, then you’ll know that you can never have enough smart light bulbs in the house.

Philips Hue smart bulbs are the best option for a smooth and reliable experience. The coloured bulbs have 16 million colours to choose from so you can create the perfect ambience.

As well as the usual voice control actions, Hue bulbs can be integrated with third-party apps for fun disco settings or themed scenes. There are hours of fun to be had with these.

Leather Phone Case

There’s something about a leather phone case that adds a touch of class and elegance, so no wonder they are popular with dads.

Not only do they provide protection for the phone but can also be used as a stand when you want a quick Netflix binge or need to check in on Sky Sports.

If you have a look around, you should be able to find something similar no matter which phone they have.

PlayStation 5

No matter how old you get, a brand-new games console is a gift that won’t disappoint any dad. It is definitely one of the most popular tech gifts for dad if you can get hold of one of these elusive consoles!

In 2020, both PlayStation and Xbox launched the latest generation of consoles so what better Father’s Day gift?

The PlayStation 5 just has the edge over the Xbox with a new user interface, a designed DualShock controller and an epic lineup of games.

It has 4k gaming and is capable of 120 frames per second for a fast and smooth gaming experience.

Echo Show

If a smart speaker wasn’t enough, a smart speaker with a screen adds even more functionality. You’ll get video calls, view your calendar and even get step-by-step recipes as you cook, so now dad has no excuses!

The Echo Show is Amazon’s version, with their voice assistant Alexa baked right in for ultimate voice control of your music, video and smart home devices.

The Echo Show is available with a 5-inch, 8-inch or 15.6-inch screen size depending upon where you put it.

Switch Lite

I’ve already shared a retro Nintendo console, but now I’m getting right up to date with the latest device from the Japanese gaming giant, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The switch lite is a compact and more portable version of the popular Switch console that’s been designed for use on the road.

You can’t connect it up to the TV like the original switch, but with its sleeker and slimmed-down appearance, it will fit perfectly in your travel bag.

Star Projector

This unique piece of tech will bring the beauty of the night sky right into your living room with a star projector. A great gift when you are looking for tech gifts for dads that seem to have everything!

With the ability to display both stars and nebula clouds, you can emulate the ambience of sleeping outside, just without the cold.

The projector is super quiet for use at night and comes with a remote control too.

3D Printer

If you’re willing to splash out on your dad, then a 3D printer will allow for hours of fun.

This is perfect for anyone with an interest in design or engineering who also loves to get techy. 

Connect up to a PC and create or download any design you like; it may even be helpful for odd jobs around the home.

About the author of this tech gifts for dads guide

Kieren is a tech enthusiast on a journey to create the ultimate smart home. He shares this journey and writes about his favourite gadgets over at Smart Home Insider. Why not pop over and see what other suggestions he has for tech-related gifts?

If you are looking for gaming-related gift ideas then do check out A Thrifty Gamer who shares everything you might need gaming related!

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