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Here I will share with you my top 15 ways to remember an amazing holiday using products from MyPicture a great photo printing and gift website.

Have you been on an amazing holiday and used one of the photos on your social media but otherwise just have the photos on a memory stick or on your phone? Stop and remember how much you spent on that holiday and how much you loved it. Use those photos to make some lovely items to remember your holiday without breaking the bank.

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Choosing the best photos to remember a holiday

If you have taken hundreds of photos it can be difficult to decide which ones to use to create permanent memories for your home. Here is the checklist I use which may help you too.

  • Is it representative of the holiday as a whole?
  • Do you smile when you look at the picture?
  • Is everyone in the photo happy with how they look in it?
  • Are you happy with the background of the picture? It may be small on your phone but will be big when it is enlarged!
  • Is the photo of good quality and not blurry?

If all these answers are yes then the chances are it will be a great picture to have in your home and look at regularly. If not then maybe consider another photo.

15 great ways to use a photo to remember an amazing holiday

Here are my favourite 15 ways to use those great photos to remember an amazing holiday.

Canvas prints

One of the most popular ways to remember a holiday is to buy canvas prints, these are low in cost and available from for just £6 for a 20cm square canvas so low enough cost to buy a new one after each holiday! Even larger canvases are great value so you can buy whatever works for your home.


If you don’t want to have a picture on the wall or perhaps it is a photo that you love but didn’t quite make the cut for the wall then a keyring is low-cost and easy to add to your bunch of keys. A nice holiday reminder on a keyring can help you remember every time you get into the car after a long day at work what you are saving for next!

Photo cushions

Depending on your decor cushions can be a great way to remember a holiday with beach pictures being perfect for a conservatory.

Photo books

If you have far too many photos to choose from for your wall then perhaps you could order a photo book. Keeping it on the bookshelf it is lovely to pick it up and reminisce about your last holiday. This way you could do one after each holiday and look back regularly without needing big photo albums or lots of wall space.

Photo puzzles

If you are a jigsaw fan then having a jigsaw printed of your favourite holiday photo is a unique and fun way to look back on those memories.

Framed prints

Whilst this is a common way to remember a holiday it can often be overlooked. Framed prints do not need to be large and on the wall, instead how about a smaller one on a dresser or bedside cabinet?


Mugs are great for your home kitchen, for work, or to give as a gift and can be easily designed with one or more of your favourite holiday photos.

Aluminium wall decoration

If you fancy something different for your walls and a little more modern in appearance than a canvas print or a framed print then the aluminium prints are amazing. I recently ordered some for a friend and they are great value and look so stylish.


Mousemats seem to get old easily if you work hard so replacing it with a new one that makes you smile and remember a great holiday could be perfect. After all, at work it can get boring, so why not have a happy photo you see throughout the day?


Calendars make great gifts but are also handy if you have a number of photos and holidays you want to see the photos of more regularly but not as permanently as on the wall for the next year or so. With a calendar, you get to see a photo you love for a month and then move on!


Fancy welcoming people to your home with a nice picture of you all? Getting a photo doormat could be a perfect opportunity, just choose the picture carefully as people will be wiping their feet on it!

Photo blocks

Acrylic photo blocks are great and the small ones from My Picture are called MIXBLOX and are a great way to have a small selection of photos on a sideboard, table or windowsill without having to choose between them all.


Want to snuggle up with your memories? A photo blanket could be perfect. If, like me, you like to snuggle under a blanket when you are feeling down then this could really help you to feel a little more positive and remember happy times when you are struggling.

Tote bag

A tote bag isn’t for everyone but if you like to grab a tote bag when you walk to the local shop for bread and cheese then this could be perfect for you. A happy photo on your bag could just brighten up your day. Be sure to choose a photo you like as people are sure to ask what the photo is!

Canvas wall hanging

The last suggestion I want to share with you is a canvas wall hanging. It is a great way for children to remember holidays without spending too much as they can easily take it down and hang it back up whenever it suits them. Canvas wall hangings are also great for home bars or garden rooms too in my experience.

Would any of these ideas help you to remember an amazing holiday in a different or unique way? Let me know what you choose to buy in the comments below and don’t forget to use the discount code! Use code JEN15 for 15% off their already great prices until 30th June 2023!

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