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Sometimes all you want to do is to snack and it just isn’t good for you. Whilst I know there are many healthy snacks, it still comes down to calories in versus calories out and if you are eating unnecessarily then it isn’t good. What do you do when you are peckish and know you don’t actually need food?

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Why games can be better than other tasks

There are hundreds of things you can do to keep busy instead of snacking but they aren’t always perfect for you. Maybe they don’t occupy your mind enough so you find your mind wandering and you wanting to snack at the same time. Or perhaps they keep your mind busy but your hands less so, then you just want a family size bag of chocolate to munch on!

I often read when I am trying to avoid snacking as it uses my hands to hold the book and my brain to read. This is not always perfect for me though as I have to be in the right mood to read and not easily be distracted.

For example, if Stuart is watching something on TV that I will easily look up to catch part of then reading is just not perfect at all and I end up putting my book down.

It is times like this I love games on my phone. they are usually quite short and with some games, it is easy to stop them as there is no time limit, with others you need to pause but it is still easier to get back into than reading! this is why I find often games instead of snacking works for me.

Games I enjoy

I love games instead of snacking that make me use my brain a bit so logic games are a favourite of mine, as are hidden object games. I absolutely hate Tetris type games. I just find them infuriating and to be honest I am rubbish at them too!

Recently I discovered the website Solitaire. It contains so many games, not just Solitaire, or what I used to know as Patience. I love playing it on my phone and whilst I rarely win I do enjoy it!

I also enjoy chess on the Solitaire website, sadly I am not very good at it but I used to be good at chess so hopefully, it will all soon come back to me! Chess always makes me think of my uncle who taught it to me when I was young. It also reminds me of my Grandpa who used to love chess before he died.

I have taught Ben a little of chess but playing the game again on the app has reminded me to do it more often with him, he loves strategy type things so I think he will enjoy it. I also spotted Battleships on the site so will definitely play that with him too. It certainly beats him trying to get me playing Fifa (which I am terrible at!).

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