A guest post from Verity Clarke, a colour expert who knows how to refresh your colour and is an educator for Elgon and brand ambassador for Manic Panic based in Colchester. So a true expert when it comes to all things colour!

It’s something we all kinda knew already, but with the salons being closed more than they’ve been open over the last 18 months, it’s become increasingly more apparent how much we all value having our hair done. It’s not just about those fancy events or important meetings anymore – taking care of ourselves and our hair makes us feel great, improves our confidence and helps with our overall mental health, things we all need a bit of help with from time to time. There’s just nothing quite like stepping out of your house with shiny, healthy, freshly coloured hair to give you the boost you need.

Why we want to refresh our colour

I get it – sometimes you’re feeling a bit rubbish or you’ve got a special event coming up, or time or finances just won’t allow for you to get your hair coloured as often as you’d like. That’s before we even contemplate the now all-too-familiar problem of salons being closed – or so rammed with catching up from being closed that they can’t fit you in short notice.

You’re doing your food shop and that box dye is just calling out to you. DON’T DO IT! It won’t end well and will end up costing you more time and money in the long run when you do go back to your stylist. We’re not ogres – we aren’t going to ‘tell you off’ but we do get a bit disappointed, mostly because it makes both our and your lives a bit more difficult. And ultimately, we never want you to be disappointed with your hair.

How to refresh your colour – without upsetting your stylist!

But with that in mind – here are 5 ways you CAN refresh your colour without upsetting your stylist:

Glossing treatment

Talk to your stylist about a glossing treatment, semi-permanent colour or toner in between your main colour appointments. These are both time and cost-effective ways of keeping your colour fresher for longer – and often mean you can stretch the time between your big colour service a little bit longer.

Take-home products from your hairdresser

Find out if your stylist offers a ‘take home’ product designed for freshening up the colour in between appointments. Or if not, can they source you one? They are ‘wash in’ colours that are easy and safe to use at home. Great to keep in the cupboard for that ‘quick fix’ when you can’t get to the salon or for keeping those vibrant colours vibrant.

Add colour to conditioner

If you have vibrant colours, they’re most likely semi-permanent and fading is something that comes with the territory. Ask your stylist if they can put a dollop of your colour into your conditioner to take home to help keep your colour fresh – be prepared that your stylist will ask you to purchase your professional conditioner from them if they’re going to do this. We’re not being greedy, we just need to know you’re using the right aftercare and the colour is going to do what it’s supposed to when we add it in.

Consider temporary root concealers

These come in a variety of shades and types, from sprays, sticks to eyeshadow-like powders. Find the type that works for you and apply it just to those ‘problem areas’ the hairline and parting. But be warned, some of them will build up in the hair and all of them need to be thoroughly washed out before a salon colour is applied. If you aren’t able to do this before your salon visit, be sure to let your stylist know so they can allow extra time to do it before your appointment, and be prepared for a small extra charge for this.

Ignore the internet

DON’T rely on the internet for advice – ‘cheap ways to refresh your colour’ advise everything from coffee grounds to kool-aid, to various condiments, herbs and spices! Whilst they may be ‘natural’ these products aren’t designed to colour your hair. They can stain it irreversibly so even bleach won’t shift it, give unreliable results, and affect the result of your next salon colour. Leave that stuff in your kitchen cupboard where it belongs!!

Ok, so that last one was a don’t, not a do, but it was kind of important.

Be honest with your stylist

And last but not least, if you have done ANYTHING to your colour since your last appointment with your stylist. Even if you fell off the wagon, got desperate and put on a box colour. Or used a ‘wash in, wash out’ colour and it’s all gone now. Please, please, please BE HONEST. Tell your stylist before they work on your hair again.

We’re not going to get mad or tell you off – I promise! But we do need to know in case we need to change our approach to your colour or perform extra tests to make sure we get the result we were expecting without compromising condition. Remember – our main goal as colourists is to give you the beautiful colour of your dreams, without compromising the condition of your hair. But we need your help to do that.

About the Author

Verity Clarke is a top stylist based in Colchester who is a colour expert and someone who really knows her stuff so it is great advice to follow! Follow her on Instagram @verityclarkehair and visit her website here let her know if you’ve found this helpful in the comments below!

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