This post is written in collaboration with Chronoexpert who sell some amazing watches! Whilst I have been compensated for this post all opinions are my own of how you can make time for yourself.

We all lead busy lives and forget often that we need to take time out for ourselves too. I am terrible at this and often run around for other people but never make time for myself. Here are a few tips to help you. I probably need to follow them more often too!

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Avoiding social media

Whilst it is easy to think that Facebook is relaxing time for you the realty is that it isn’t. The time passes quickly when all you do is scroll and you feel no more refreshed afterwards. If this is something you enjoy then set yourself a time limit and stick to it. Half an hour wasted scrolling Facebook is reasonable, two hours feels like a waste!

Schedule your time, and stick to it

Plan out your day with all you need to do and all you want to do. Give yourself time limits and keep an eye on that time. I always find that when I allow myself an hour to complete something I focus and do a better job. Obviously schedule in your meals and don’t do what I often do and eat whilst working. The reality is it is no good for anyone in the long term.

Abandon your phone and wear a watch

I know your mobile phone is important but how many times do you look at it for the time and then get distracted? This doesn’t happen with a watch! Whether you buy a cheap one or a big brand watch it will still tell you the time without encouraging you to play games, look on social media or message friends!

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If you are in the market for a really stylish watch how about checking Chronoexpert where you can find a whole range of luxury watches both new and preowned. I would absolutely love a Cartier Watch though will probably have to earn a bit more from blogging first!

Have a bath instead of a shower

It does not take much more time to have a bath instead of a shower but it can be so much more relaxing. Get a few candles out and a glass of wine and that half an hour in the bath could be a real game changer. I always feel so much more relaxed after a soak in the bath than I do after a shower.

Accept help to make time for yourself

I find this really difficult and often feel like a failure if I accept help. It can however make all the difference. If someone can help you a little so you have less to do, then that time could be spent on you. Remember you can only be a great parent if you look after yourself too. No one can run on empty!

Do you have any tips? Do share them in the comments below!

5 ways to make time for yourself

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