A guest post from Verity Clarke, a colour expert who knows how to enjoy your hair colour for as long as possible and is an educator for Elgon and brand ambassador for Manic Panic based in Colchester. So a true expert when it comes to all things colour!

There’s simply nothing quite like stepping out of the salon with brand new, high polish, high shine, “omg-HI-I-LOVE-YOUR-HAIR” colour. As you strut down the street, swishing your new do and checking out your reflection in every shop window you pass (come on – we’ve all done it!), you feel like a million dollars, ready to take on the world. What if you could make that new hair feeling last as long as possible? Why wouldn’t you?

If you went shopping and spent £500 on a designer jumper, and the label said ‘dry clean only’ would you just chuck it in the washing machine at 60 degrees? Hell no!! It’s got a care label for a reason, right?

I’m not going to lie, it costs good money to have your hair coloured professionally. And we all want that ‘new hair feeling’ to last as long as possible. So why not treat your hair the same way as you’d treat that designer jumper?

10 ways to make your colour last

Here are your 10 ways to make that colour last – like a care label for your hair.

  1. Use a professional shampoo specifically for coloured hair. You don’t have to buy it from your stylist (although we’d prefer it if you did), as long as you buy it from a salon.
  1. Condition your hair every time you wash. Shampoo opens the hair cuticle, conditioner closes it. If you don’t condition, you leave the cuticle open for the colour to sneak out.
  1. Wash your hair with cool water. Hot water opens up the hair shaft and lets the colour fall out easier.
  1. Less washing = less fading! Dry shampoo is your best friend!
  1. Turn your heated styling tools down to a lower setting to help prevent colour fade.
  1. Use UV Protection – wear a hat in the sun & use professional styling products with UV protection
  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to water. if you are going swimming, tie your hair up to avoid soaking it in the water for too long. The same goes for bathing and how tubs.
  1. Avoid pool chemicals. strong chlorine chemicals are great for keeping pools clean, but they will strip your hair colour. If you have to get your hair wet in a pool when you go swimming, saturate it with fresh water or conditioner in the shower first to prevent it soaking up too much chlorine.
  1. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment at least once a month: healthy, happy hair shines more and holds colour in better.
  1. Avoid hot oil treatments. This is a common treatment for dry, damaged or brittle hair, but on coloured hair the heat opens up the hair cuticle and allows the colour to seep out.
  1. Most importantly: Swish, strut, stand out & show off your gorgeous, shiny colour! Have fun!!

Have these tips helped you enjoy your hair colour for a little longer? Let me know in the comments!

About the Author

Verity Clarke is a top stylist based in Colchester who is a colour expert and someone who really knows her stuff so it is great advice to follow! Follow her on Instagram @verityclarkehair and visit her website here let her know if you’ve found this helpful in the comments below!

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