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I want to talk to you a little about weighted blankets. Why you need one, what you should use one for, and how to choose a good one. Do you have a weighted blanket?

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

Firstly you will want to know what a weighted blanket even is. I am sure you have seen many people chatting about them online or in real life. Weighted blankets are blankets that are designed for therapeutic purposes, such as relieving anxiety or stress.

They usually weigh between 5 and 30 pounds each because they contain glass pellets or beads. The weight in the blanket then uses deep pressure stimulation. To make your body think you are being hugged with light pressure.

Although they were first designed for people on the autistic spectrum and with ADHD, they soon became popular with people suffering from mental health problems like stress and anxiety.

They make you feel secure when you might be feeling alone. You know that feeling you get when you first wake up in the morning after you have been snuggled under your duvets and blankets? That is the feeling you get with weighted blankets.

The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets And Your Mental Health

There are many benefits of a weighted blanket and we wanted to share some of them here. When I first heard of weighted blankets, I didn’t realise there were so many benefits to using one.

Also, many different people from different walks of life actually use one to relieve medical symptoms. Here are a few of the benefits of a weighted blanket and how it could help you.

Helping With Your Mental Health

Firstly the weighted blanket will improve the overall mood you are feeling. Even if you do not suffer from deeper mental health problems.

Do you know those days when everything has gone wrong? Those days when you are angry and upset? Cuddling up under the blanket will release the feel-good hormone Oxytocin. It will also decrease the stress hormone called Cortisol.

Weighted blankets help by calming your nerves down, especially when you are feeling panicked or anxious. The blanket will wrap around you and feel like you are being hugged by someone.

Therefore slowing your heart rate down, if it is racing and helping to relax your breathing. It helps you feel safer and you are ready to face the world again.

Helping With Menopausal Symptoms

It is well known that menopausal women suffer from their mental health. It is a big change in their life and their hormones are racing. So weighted blankets not only help with the mental health side of things.

They also help you to feel better by reducing your anxiety and stress. Even if you have never suffered from mental health problems in the past, you might find you need some extra help during menopause.

During menopause, it is quite common to suffer from restless leg syndrome. If you get this, then a weighted blanket can help. It will place the blanket over your legs when you are trying to relax, it will help to stop the restless legs.

Helps You Sleep Better At Night

People who use weighted blankets at night say they sleep better and for longer. This is because the glass beads will help the blanket cocoon your body. It will wrap around you and feel like you are being swaddled.

This makes you feel secure and warm. Meaning that you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. When you wake up feeling refreshed, you are more positive and ready to face the day.

Weighted blankets also help you to fall asleep quicker because of the feeling of being secure. They help through the night because you do not toss and turn as much when you are using weighted blankets. And because you are so cocooned in the blanket, you do not get a draught through the night.

You will be wrapped up warm and snug. When people get a good night’s sleep they are more prepared to face the day. So if you use a weighted blanket at night, and wake up feeling refreshed you will be more likely to interact with your friends and family.

Often when we suffer from mental health problems, we push our family and friends away. But setting yourself up for a good day means you will want to meet up with friends and family. The feeling of loneliness and despair will be greatly reduced.

How to choose a weighted blanket from Amazon

Amazon brands are always good for quality in my experience so weighted blankets will be no different. Not only that but of course, with Amazon you get a bit of reassurance that if anything is wrong you can easily send it back.

Firstly you need to choose your preferred weight and size. It is important to never choose one that weighs more than 10% of your body weight, or that of anyone who will be using it. This is for both safety and comfort. You should never have a blanket you can not move in your sleep if you are uncomfortable.

The size of the blanket you choose will depend on where you imagine using your blanket. If you will use it whilst watching the TV for anxiety or mental health the size is less important but if you choose to use it in bed then your bed size and if you intend to share it with your partner is important.

Weighted blanket options

The Amazon basics weighted blanket with dark grey and grey Minky cover is available in three weights 6.8kg, 7.7kg, and 9kg. It is 150cm by 200cm so between the size of a double and single duvet. The prices vary and are often on offer with Amazon Prime so check the current prices.

Amazon basics also have a twin-size all-season weighted blanket. Measuring 120cm by 180cm this might be perfect for you and it is for all seasons due to its breathable layers. It can be used on its own or with a cover. This one is a more quilted style if you prefer that to the Minky fabric then this could be the one for you. It is also available in other colours, weights and sizes!

Amazon brand Umi also have a weighted blanket which is filled with glass beads and a great weight at 9kg. This is a two-piece set so the cover can be removed for washing and it is also of amazing value. It is 203cm by 152cm so it is a good size for the money too. don’t worry about the blanket moving in the cover either, there are ties to hold it in place.

Covers for weighted blankets

If you are simply looking for a cover for a weighted blanket you already have, or an extra cover for one of the above blankets then Amazon have you covered too!

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