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I have previously shared that I love jewellery so when Carat London got in touch to ask me to review a bracelet I was so excited looking at their website I saw how stunning they are. I received a bracelet in return for sharing with you my honest thoughts. All thoughts are my own.

Which bracelet did I receive?

I received the 18″ Sterling Silver Hailey Round Prong Tennis Bracelet which is one of the gorgeous sparkling tennis bracelets for women available from Carat London.

The reason I chose this one is that it is sparkly and stylish and has the look of an expensive diamond bracelet so it looks amazing. I can’t imagine ever affording a bracelet with this many diamonds so it is a great alternative. With 9.5ct cubic zirconia, it is sparkly whilst also being within a reasonable budget. Perfect for an anniversary gift or similar.

Packaging and presentation

The bracelet arrived well packaged in a gorgeous box wrapped stylishly. It is presented in a lovely bracelet box as you can see below and looks immaculate so perfect to gift someone.

I think this would make an amazing gift and my sister-in-law commented that she might ask her husband for one for their anniversary. If you prefer the gold style they also do an identical one with a gold look.

Quality of the tennis bracelet

I was very impressed by the quality of the bracelet from Carat London. The stones look amazing and definitely make the bracelet look much more expensive than it is.

The clasp is good and feels like it secures the bracelet well on the wrist and I could see no imperfections in the item at all.

For £269 I thought the bracelet was perfect quality and I am sure it could actually sell for more. The cubic zirconia stones are all perfect and well cut and the clasp is well-made and secure.

Overall thoughts

The bracelet is of great quality, looks stunning and could easily give the appearance of a diamond bracelet so would be perfect to wear with an evening gown at an event, on your wedding day or just for a nice meal out.

If you are looking for an anniversary bracelet then this one from Carat London could be perfect or perhaps for a special birthday like a 40th for example.

A stunning bracelet like this could easily accompany a number of outfits and be worn with other cubic zirconia items or real diamonds and look just as good.

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