This Father’s Day gift guide includes some items I have been sent to test out and recommend to you. All opinions are my own.

I hope that whatever your budget you will find a lovely gift perfect for your dad, step-dad, child’s father, grandfather or whoever you buy for this Father’s Day. Whilst I suggest these gifts for a man many would be great for women too!

Fitness gifts for a man

If you are buying for a man who loves keeping fit then there really is something for every budget from push-up bars to resistance bands and fitness watches to exercise bikes! Here are some great buys.

The Amonax Ab roller home workout set includes an ab roller, push-up bars, and a skipping rope. At £21.99 it is literally a core workout in a box!

This set of resistance bands is perfect for all fitness levels and includes a workout to help him to use them correctly. If you are on a tight budget this set could be perfect at just £9.99. A great father’s day gift for a man who loves fitness.

Style-conscious gifts for him

Would you like to buy for a man who takes care of his appearance and loves to look good? These gifts may be perfect.

Do you always buy dad a shaving brush but this year want to buy one that is better for the environment? The Clear Confidence company plant-based shaving brush is perfect for an eco-conscious dad and just £14.97.

Does he have an electric toothbrush or is he still using a basic brush? The Oclean X Pro Elite smart toothbrush would be a great gift.

It uses an AI algorithm to help ensure he is not missing anywhere and technology to keep it quiet whilst still brushing at a whopping 42000 rpm! It is quick to charge and the battery lasts over a month! If this is the gift for your dad it is £74.99.

You could even add a flosser too for an all-around dental hygiene gift. This electric flosser is sure to keep his teeth sparkling! It is easy to use and £59.99 from Oclean.

Would he like a new stylish bag for work? This satchel from Trendhim is one of their popular men’s bags which means he can carry his laptop and all sorts of other things whilst still looking stylish too! Check out the Trendhim bags and see which one would be perfect for your dad. This one is currently £69 and I think a perfect choice.

Food and drink Father’s day gift ideas

Sometimes you have less to spend or you want to buy a gift that feels safe and easy but is still a little different. Here are some food and drink gifts that may help show you care.

Candyroo offers sweets and chocolates to suit everyone from building your own pick n mix bag for him or a premade selection. I specifically wanted to share this Liquorice selection with you. For £6.49 for 500g or £11.99 for 1000g the ultimate liquorice mix includes comfits, cream rock, wheels, Pontefract cakes and many more! Much more exciting than anything you could buy at the supermarket!

If you are buying for a man who doesn’t like liquorice then do check out the other sweets available. Options include sweets suitable for allergies and even American sweets!

Is your dad a fan of Green and Blacks chocolate? This Father’s day gift box is one of the gifts available on the Green and Blacks website and is £15. There are gifts like this for all budgets which look lovely and are sure to treat him.

For dads who prefer Cadbury chocolate, they also have a Father’s Day gift range. This is a £20 gift box but there are gifts ranging upwards from £3.59 to £50 so something for every budget.

Does your dad like Kombucha? Or would he be interested in trying it? Remedy Kombucha are sparkling, live-cultured drinks which are naturally free from sugar and artificial sweeteners. If he hasn’t tried them yet he definitely should!

This mixed case of Remedy Kombucha Fruity faves is £29.99 and contains 6 cans of 4 varieties. A nice alternative drinks idea to treat your dad to this year. Other packs are available to suit different budgets.

If you are buying for a whisky-loving dad but don’t want to buy a bottle of whisky again this year then how about a decanter set? This BarCraft cut glass decanter set is just £17.99 and makes an ideal gift.

If you want to add a little something extra why not buy some whisky stones or stainless steel ice balls they are a great addition and mean he doesn’t water down his drink with melting ice cubes!

Does your dad have a man cave or bar? This Cheers bottle opener would be an amazing gift to really complete that area for him. It is made by Vintage Playing Cards and uses recycled pallets and vintage cards for a unique look and with a magnet under the cards he won’t even have to find the bottle tops as they stick to the magnet! A perfect gift for beer-lovers at £35.

What dad wouldn’t love a mini-fridge? This one is a light pink colour but they also do one in black so you can get whichever he would prefer.

It is made by Amazon brand Umi and not only is it a fridge but it also can be used to warm things a little too, such as moisturising wipes etc. This is £55.99 and perfect for next to his bed, in a man cave or perhaps in a home office?

Books to buy for Father’s Day

If you are buying for a wine connoisseur then the Moleskine Wine journal is a perfect gift. Italian luxury notebook brand Moleskine are popular for its passion journals for all interests and this one is definitely a great gift.

With space to make notes about wines, what he has paired them with and much more he will soon have his own wine journal listing his favourites! Similar journals are available for keen travellers, film/tv lovers, readers who always have a book on the go, and even to store recipes. This wine journal is £26.99.

Does your dad love French musicals? Chanson is a tribute to France’s most romantic and poetic musical tradition. A large book with lots of lovely photographs of musical stars and sharing their lives and how the chanson is important to every French musical tradition.

Available for £49.99 from Blackwells and Waterstones or £33.59 from Amazon this really could be the perfect gift for that difficult musical loving dad.

If you are buying for a man who loves movies and loves cocktails then this book combines the two. With recipes for cocktails, the history behind them and the movie it featured in this book is a great gift.

It is available for £9.99 from Waterstones and Blackwell’s or £8.19 on Amazon.

If your dad spends a lot of time on the internet this funny book imagining a day where the internet just dies is a great gift idea.

A tongue-in-cheek book that is sure to make him smile.

Available for £9.99 from Waterstones and Blackwell’s or for £7.99 from Amazon.

Fun gifts for dad who is a big kid at heart

Help your partner relive his childhood, have fun and do something with the kids or if you are helping your child buy for their dad this could be perfect. This Meccano supercar set is a great big kids gift I am sure he will love.

This set is £25 from Argos but others are available if you think he would prefer a different Meccano set!

Beat the Parents is another great gift for big kids at heart to enjoy a family game night. A family trivia game you can all enjoy and would let dad bring back his competitive side and have fun with the family. At just £12.99 from Smyths, it would be a great buy if as a family you are on a budget and want to buy something cheap and fun!

If you are buying for a Dad who loves Lego, gifts don’t just have to be Lego sets! What about some Lego stationery or a bag tag for his next holiday? At £6.99 from Calligraphy the bag tags are a cheap but fun gift for a Lego loving dad!

Backnine is a game that combines golf and frisbee to make for a fun game for all ages. Firstly you throw the target ring and then frisbee your discs to aim to get them in or near the ring.

You can make up the rules as you go along for playing with young children or as a group of adults he could even do it blindfolded! It is available for £18.78 on Amazon or around £19.99 from other toy stores.

Gadgets gifts for men

Does your dad struggle to work a mobile properly? The range of emporia’s smartphones and tablets are specifically designed with more mature users in mind to create a stress-free learning experience, without compromising on features.

The Smart.5 is £248.99 from Amazon and is their latest model. It has great cameras, front and back, a 5.5″ screen, a discrete emergency button and has a proper manual!

So many phones nowadays require the use of technology to use the manual, luckily this one has a proper manual he can work through at his own pace! find more about this phone directly from emporia.

If your dad is forever losing his phone, keys or wallet then this is definitely the gift for him. The Tile is a Bluetooth tracker to help him find whatever it is he loses. Using Bluetooth you can find wherever the item is using the app and track it down. Of course, if he uses one for his phone you should get the app too so you can help him find it!

This Tile Performance Pack is £49.99 and includes a Tile pro – perfect as a keyring or on a bag or purse, and a Tile slim – perfect for wallets, notebooks and luggage as it is around credit card size and thin.

Does he need a new phone case or is forever propping his phone up on things? The range of mobile phone cases, grips and stands from Clckr is sure to have something perfect for him this Father’s day whatever phone he has!

Would you like to buy him some earbuds but don’t know where to start? These Edifier NeoBuds Pro are great for noise cancellation, lightweight, deliver great sound and can be connected by Bluetooth to any device with Bluetooth connectivity. They have an RRP of £119.99 but are currently available for £101.99 on Amazon!

If you are buying for a man who has an iPhone, Airpods and an apple watch then how does he charge them? This STM ChargeTree Swing can wirelessly charge all three at the same time (providing his models are wireless). It is available in black or white and is currently £45.99 on Amazon!

For a budget gift why not consider a laptop case from Amazon Brand Eono? This one is of great quality and available in a variety of colours and available to suit two different size laptops. Prices vary from £10.19 depending on the size and colour you choose.

DIY gifts

If he is a keen DIYer then the chances are he is often losing or breaking drill bits. This 55-piece set in a storage case from Amazon Brand Umi is good value and includes cement drill bits, bits for metal, wood drill bits and screwdriver pieces. At £18.39 I think this is quite a bargain!

A gift for your partner for Father’s Day

Maybe you guys are expecting a baby or you have adult kids that you know won’t make a fuss of him this year and you want to buy something.

Monogamy is an award-winning couples game with seductive suggestions to get you lusting after each other more and more.

Definitely a great gift idea if you want to spoil your partner for Father’s day or perhaps even want to have some fun for Father’s day making babies! The game is available from Ann Summers of Monogamy game for £24.99.

Gifts for a man who has everything

For a budget gift to make dad smile the notebooks from Knock Knock are hilarious. These are two of my favourites and can be used for a joke or in a serious event around the house. Other favourites are passive-aggressive notes, paper tantrums, and IOU notes! Check out the range here for a couple of pounds each.

For a man who has everything why not treat him to an experience? The Buy a Gift Smartbox Treat Him experience box can be used by him to choose the experience of his choice.

Available to choose from is everything from tasty treats to driving experiences and adrenalin blasts too such as zorbing! At £49.99 it is an easy gift to buy that will give him so much fun!

Photo frames can be a lovely gift. You could have a favourite photo of you with your dad inside for a truly personalised gift.

This pair of frames from Amazon brand Umi hold 6×4 size photos and the pair cost £13.99. If you are quick though I spotted an extra £1 discount voucher you can tick when ordering!

The VEX Gift card from voucher express is a great way to give him a gift card without having to choose a store he will like. When he receives the card he can redeem it for any voucher of his choice from over 150 brands available.

Vouchers are available from £10-£250 and digital vouchers are also available for a last-minute Father’s day gift!

If you are buying for a man who loves his home to smell lovely and loves candles and diffusers then check out the range at Wax Lyrical including ones for pet owners to neutralise any odours their pet leaves! Candles and scents do not need to be feminine they are perfect for men too check the Wax Lyrical website for ideas.

What are you buying your dad?

As you may know, my dad died a few years ago but we didn’t have a good relationship anyway. I buy for my step-dad and this year I think I will give him the wine journal as he likes wine or perhaps a Green and Blacks hamper, I haven’t decided yet!

What are you buying for your partner, dad, stepdad or special man in your life? Let me know in the comments below if these ideas have helped!

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