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If you are not seeing much of your family at the moment or perhaps you just want to send them some surprise gifts to cheer them up. There is no reason you need to be struggling for ideas here I am to give you some great suggestions!

I love sending people a surprise gift out of the blue and knowing they have a reason to smile because of me. So, I always love sites which offer gift wrapping just to keep that mystery a little longer!

Have you heard of Wicked Uncle? I have some great gift ideas so share with you from them. They are great for surprising people too as they also offer to gift-wrap!

Cut out letters on grey fridge
Fridge magnets to leave fun messages on the fridge

Choosing surprise gifts

The main thing I look for when choosing surprise gifts is a unique item like the above magnets I think they will not already have but will make them smile as soon as they open it. Of course with the exception of chocolate, we all like chocolate don’t we?

Stupid deaths board game

I love spotting something which is a bit different so was very impressed by the gifts offered by Wicked Uncle. The above Stupid Deaths game is different from anything I have seen before and if you are buying a gift for a family who loves board games and has a bit of a dark sense of humour this may be perfect. Check it out here, it looks hilarious!

A surprise gift that keeps them busy

I love finding gifts that help keep someone busy who is otherwise a bit fed up or stuck in a rut. This Engenius! A perpetual marble run set is one you build yourself and it then becomes an amazing perpetual marble run you could watch for hours! We reviewed it here if you fancy a look.

Engenius marble run

Giving a gift that is educational

Did you get educational gifts from aunts or uncles as a child? Do you like to give them now? I find that I often sway towards getting something with a little learning aspect to it.

I was surprised to find that there are some cool David Walliams activities based on the books that are educational too (check them out here). Who would have thought you could get kids wanting to play a maths game? They will now and for the mere cost of £7.99!

Gangsta granny mental maths game

Do you want to get a gift for an adult who thinks they are really smart? I absolutely love the idea of this IQ test kit! I am quite intelligent in some aspects but I also have very low common sense at times.

genius IQ test kit

The sort of surprise gifts I love to receive

I love to receive a surprise gift, but who doesn’t? The sort of thing I love to receive I guess is similar to that I enjoy gifting. I love something which as soon as I open it I smile, something really thought out or personal. On that note, I sometimes think a gift sent directly but with a gift message is so much nicer, don’t you?

cake in a mug mixes

Do you love the look of these mug kits as much as I do? They would definitely be a surprise gift I would love to receive! All I can say is wow, imagine receiving something like this in the post as a surprise!

Why I love to surprise gift people

I love knowing that someone I care about will receive a little smile in the post and that smile will be because of me. I recently sent a friend’s daughter a lego set I knew she would like.

I didn’t do this because it was her birthday or because she had asked for it, just because I wanted her to smile.

She has been through a tough time lately for a number of reasons and knowing that sending something that didn’t cost me much but would make her happy was great.

Now having seen the Wicked Uncle site I wish I had ordered something from here instead! Pop and have a look and let me know what you would love on the site.

How to buy the perfect surprise gifts and why I love doing it!

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