I was recently offered a standing desk for review that is perfect for those who struggle with bad backs etc. Today I want to share with you all the reasons a standing desk could be beneficial for you and a review of a popular standing desk from Flexispot.

10 reasons you need a standing desk

There are so many reasons you could benefit from a standing desk so here are the top 10 reasons you need a standing desk in your office today!

Your desk is the perfect height for posture

Whether you are 4ft 10 or 6ft 6 then this could still be the perfect option for you. There will be the right knee space and you will feel comfortable! I am only 5ft 10 but have found in the past some desks are clearly designed with short people or children in mind so it is great to be able to order a desk and know it will be suitable! This will not only help your back but your neck, shoulders and even wrists too.

It improves your circulation

Did you know that moving around regularly throughout the day improves the circulation in your body? Yes I know you are busy and can’t keep taking breaks, I feel your pain, but it helps. A standing desk means you can move around without stopping work! Simply adjust the height and you can get that circulation going without stopping work!

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Prevention of obesity and heart disease

Whilst working in an office job at a desk is never going to burn as many calories as a physical job like waitressing, labouring or many other jobs it can be greatly improved by swapping to a standing desk.

Standing instead of sitting burns a few extra calories and you could even do some stretches or steps whilst reading the screen to burn a few more!

You will be more productive

It is easy to need a break from the same boring work and go for a wander and then get distracted. By swapping to a standing desk for a slight move and change you can simply adjust your desk and stand for a while. The amount of extra work you could get done in a day will surprise you!

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It is easier to focus

If you are uncomfortable it is easier to lose focus on your work. Feeling like your legs are going to sleep or you need to fidget as you have sat still for so long can make it hard to focus on what you do and easy to distract. By swapping to a standing desk you can focus more as these issues are removed.

You will feel more motivated

If you move from sitting to standing regularly during your working day you will feel more awake and refreshed and as such the motivation to work will be easier. The wish to be distracted will be less and you could find yourself motivated to actually work extra!


It will help your depression

If you are uncomfortable or in pain from working at a standard desk it will have an impact on your mental health. Without necessarily realising it you could soon be getting more depressed because of the pain. I know I have issues with my shoulder and the pain I get from it soon gets me down.

Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

The less you move around the more likely you are to have a rise in your blood sugar levels, especially after eating. Your pancreas can overproduce insulin causing, in the longer term, type two diabetes.

Moving more can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and as a standing desk helps you to move more it could make a huge difference.

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Pain will be reduced

Quite simply if you are struggling with back pain or pain in your wrists, neck or shoulders this could be significantly improved. Pain is reduced if we can move around whenever we need to and get into positions that are comfortable.

A standing desk gives you the flexibility to sit or stand in a position that works for you and to change this whenever you need to. Before you know it you will be telling everyone with any pain they need a standing desk too!

You will need fewer breaks

As you will be able to move around whilst you work you will need fewer breaks and either get more work done or more than likely finish work much sooner.

If you still want as many breaks then maybe you can use them differently instead of having to use them to stretch and move around to avoid pain!

The Flexispot E8 standing Desk

The Flexispot E8 standing desk is really top of the range, with a bamboo work surface and flexibility to adjust the height of the desk with a click of a button it is perfect for an easy to set up desk that fits your office perfectly.

Choosing the desk

With the E8 Standing desk, you have two choices for the frame colour, black or white. Then it comes to choosing the top from 9 different colour/pattern choices, or if you prefer no top at all (perhaps if you wish to attach something you already have?).

Specification of the desk

The desk is height adjustable between 60cm and 125cm.

The controller works with a click of buttons to adjust to the exact height you need. Once you have found the height that works for you it can be saved as a preset. With 4 memory presets it is perfect for a couple with different needs.

The desk has an anti-collision function so if you have something under the desk (or your legs!) it won’t crash into you and will sense its presence and stop!

The desk holds up to 125kg so is suitable for whatever computer equipment you need whether that be printers, heavy machines or just piles of files. The desk will easily adjust with the items on.

Overall thoughts of the set up of the E8 desk?

The desk was so easy to assemble it could be done by one person easily. It is clear how to adjust the desk and easy to do this with a child lock so that once it is at the perfect height no one accidentally adjusts it for you!

The desk feels of good quality and well made so definitely built to last and also has a warranty for peace of mind.

Day to day use of the desk

The desk is really easy to use day to day and once you have worked out the perfect height for you then you can simply click the preset option to have the desk automatically adjust to that height.

The desk really is perfect for reducing pain and stiffness from sitting at a desk all day and the sturdy build means there are no worries of things falling off as it is adjusted either so it can be adjusted as frequently as required.

Would we recommend the desk?

The desk is of great build quality, perfect for all heights and really easy to assemble so if you are looking for a standing desk I definitely think this one should be on your list to consider.

The choice of tops available means it can be suitable for any room and you can choose your own chair if you prefer to accompany it or buy their matching stool.

The benefits of this standing desk really do make it worth every penny in the long run so whilst it is more expensive than a regular desk once you have a standing desk I am sure you will never go back to a regular one!

Cost of the Flexispot E8 Standing desk

The E8 standing desk is £419.99 without a desktop or from £499.98 with a desktop (price varies based on colour/style).

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