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Have you seen standing desks advertised and been a little unsure whether standing desks are better than standard desks? I think there are many reasons that they are and whilst they are not suitable for everyone I hope this article gives you some of the reasons standing desks are better to help you consider all options.

6 reasons standing desks are better than standard desks

They are good for wheelchairs

For people who are wheelchair users a standing desk is perfect for them. Not because they would be able to stand at it but more because the height being adjustable means they can use their wheelchair and have the desk still at the perfect height for them.

A wheelchair often does not fit correctly at a standard desk meaning permanent wheelchair users or those who are unable to transfer to a desk chair have to buy custom-made desks or settle for second best. I love the ideas that standing desks are great for wheelchair users to have an equal choice in the market.

They can be used standing, sitting, on a stool etc

Whilst a desk chair is height adjustable that doesn’t always mean that you can get the right combination for you. Perhaps the layout of your home means you use a dining chair at the computer desk or you prefer a stool.

Whatever your circumstances and whatever chair you prefer or need to use to work on the computer you can adjust the standing desk accordingly.

standing desk

They are easier for connecting cables

When you are connecting up all your monitors, printer etc it can be such stress crawling under the desk, banging your head and generally finding it difficult. Instead with a standing desk you simply lift it to its highest point and crawling under is significantly easier!

Height adjustable is perfect for larger people

If you are a little on the larger side and find that your tummy gets in the way of your desk a height-adjustable desk could be the perfect alternative.

It might just mean that by lifting your desk by an inch or two you can be much more comfortable and reduce the chance of injuries due to reaching and being in the wrong position.

They make the room seem bigger

Maybe you have not noticed this before but standing desks are not as bulky framed ad standard desks (on the whole) and as such, they can easily make your room seem bigger and airier.

If you really don’t want a standing desk you can achieve this with a glass desk but they are harder to keep looking clean and I prefer standing desks!

standing desk

They are flexible to be used by different people

If you are buying a desk for an office or a family desk that will be used by more than one person then a standing desk is perfect as everyone can adjust it to the perfect height for them.

Additionally, as standing desks are predominantly metal framed they fit the decor of any room easily so can be moved to another room easily in the future.

Ergonomically they are better for your posture and health

I have previously talked about standing desks being better for your health but in a nutshell they are better for your back, prevent repetitive strain injury, reduce risks of obesity and make working more comfortable. There are so many health benefits of standing desks I could go on forever!

ladies hand on back with lower back pain

A review of an EZ Shopper standing desk

I was sent an EZ Shopper standing desk to review. It is just as good as the previous standing desk I reviewed. Which I was impressed by as some brands stand out more than others but I think they essentially all are very similar so checking for the best value is a good move.

How was the assembly of the EZ Shopper standing desk?

The desk arrived well packaged and with all the parts needed for assembly however you may prefer to use your own screwdriver at times for comfort.

Assembling the desk took us 90 minutes, that was with myself, Stuart and Ben. In fairness, I didn’t do very much as I am still recovering from covid pneumonia and find doing much very painful and Ben mostly just handed Stuart the parts he needed. Depending on your experience I would say allow 1-2 hours for assembly and that should be adequate.

The desk was easy enough to assemble but there were a few points that the instructions could have been more detailed on. There is however a video to help which makes a little difference.

Adjusting the desk

The desk is really siple to adjust with the control pad on the desk to make it the perfect height for you. Adjustable from 74cm to 119cm the desk should be suitable for the vast majority of people.

Accessories for the desk

The EZ Shopper website sells a few suitable accessories for the desk such as a full mouse mat to cover the whole of the top of the desk. Included in the box is a large one as shown in my photos so this isn’t in my opinion necessary to buy but the choice is yours.

The company also sell single and dual monitor arms, a couple of cable management options, a floor mat and also an extended warranty if you wish.

Included with the desk is a drinks holder that fits to the desk and a headphone holder which also fits under the desk. These along with the mouse mat and holes for cables make it a great solution for those who work from home and need a new desk.

Do I like the EZ Shopper Standing Desk?

I am very impressed by the quality of the standing desk and how easy it is to use. The desk is well designed to ensure cables are easily held safely when the desk is adjusted and so far we have found it to be perfectly suitable for a home office.

Overall what would we say?

If we are looking at whether standing desks are better than standard desks I would say that in many ways yes they are but it very much depends on your families needs and your requirements.

The debate of standing desks vs standard desks will always a controversial one as some people just prefer a big wooden desk to a metal modern standing desk but the choice is yours. If you are looking for a standing desk then I would definitely recommend this EZ Shopper one.

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