It has been almost a year since I started a year of audiobooks with Bookbeat to share with you and I just thought I would update you of what my thoughts are now and how I have found it. My previous posts about Bookbeat can be found here.

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What I love about it

It is great for listening to when you are cleaning or if you go for a run, walk or even driving.

It is a perfect way of settling a baby or child to sleep instead of reading to them and helps encourage them to settle themselves.

There are some great recent books for all the family.

It is great for taking your mind off worries if you have depression or anxiety.

The sleep timer is perfect so if you are listening to a long book it doesn’t carry on all night!

Being able to download books and listen to them when you don’t have Wi-Fi is ideal for children with tablets that only have Wi-Fi access.

The categories are great for helping you to find new books you may not have considered.

At £12.90 a month for unlimited books it is better than paying per book as if you don’t like a book you don’t feel you have wasted your money you can just find another!

It is great for when you don’t have much me time to sit and read a book and keep having to put it down, pressing pause is easier and means you can enjoy a book whilst being a busy mum.

It can be downloaded onto a few devices for one subscription so I share it with my son and only pay one fee which is perfect.

What I don’t like about it

If you have a poor signal and haven’t downloaded a book it constantly jumps back when it loses signal making it difficult to keep your place. Obviously, downloading a book prevents this, but you have to remember to download it and not just rush to start a new book excitedly!

I found the choice of books for children Ben’s age not as great as it could be but they do have David Walliams books so maybe just not Ben’s choice of books.

If you have it on different devices there seems no way of making it not visible on one device which books are being read on the other device. This means that Ben is always aware of what books I read. Not that I read anything of a truly adult nature but some have more adult themes than others.

My overall thoughts on Bookbeat

A great app at a good price. There is no set contract so you can cancel at any time the only thing is, like with anything, that you need to check billing dates etc. I was generally impressed with the selection and if you were not sure if it is for you the free trial would be a great idea.

Please note I was given the Bookbeat subscription to try out and share with you but all opinions are my own.

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