Are you a big reader? Do you prefer audiobooks, a Kindle or perhaps regular paper books? However you like to read, I will be sharing with you every month or so my recommendations of books I have recently enjoyed.

I mostly use Audible and listen to books while I cook, clean, drive or work but do sometimes read too. Follow my book reviews monthly if, like me, you like to read or listen to books and love recommendations.

5 books I think you will enjoy in May

Do No Harm by Jack Jordan

This is an absolutely brilliant book. A surgeon comes home from work to find her son has been kidnapped and the neighbour who had been minding him murdered.

The only way she can get her son back is by killing a man on the operating table. Her job is to save lives not take them but if she doesn’t she won’t get her son back.

Will she get away with murder? Will she get her son back? This book honestly had me gripped until the very end!

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Poison Orchids by Sarah A Denzil and Anni Taylor

This is currently only available on audiobook and Kindle it seems but it is brilliant and I still think you should consider it.

When two backpackers are picked up on a highway in Australia, bruised and confused they both tell completely different stories of the last few months. All they seem to have in common is that they were on a fruit-picking farm with mangoes.

The story unfolds with the reader finding out what really happened and with lots of twists and turns along the way.

It is one of those books that you think halfway through that you know how it will end, then you are proved wrong!

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After the End by Claire Mackintosh

This is very different to other books I have read lately, I tend to be a crime and thriller fan with emotional books less often gripping me.

However, this was an author I had previously read a great book by (Hostage) so when I spotted this I thought I would give it a go.

Picture the perfect couple with a child, the strongest of couples who are suddenly left with the most important decision of their lives regarding the treatment of their terminally ill child.

The couple both have the little one’s best interests at heart but they disagree and neither can possibly see why the other parent does not feel the same way as them.

This story shares the involvement of the media, the courts and the drs in deciding what is best for the child and how will it end.

Emotional and gripping until the end it made me want to cry at times but also wonder what I would have done in that situation.

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The couple on Cedar close by Anna-Lou Weatherley

I really enjoyed this one, it is free on Audible if you are a member and also on Kindle Unlimited. Even if you have neither of those I would recommend it.

When Laurie and Robert move to a new house on Cedar Close it should all be perfect. The street is lovely and at their annual summer barbecue, Laurie’s world falls apart when she discovers her husband has been having an affair.

Then another day Laurie suddenly realises she can not remember the last few hours and finds her husband dead but she knows she didn’t do it. The trouble is, no one believes her.

When her husband’s mistress is murdered and more strange things happen, how can she prove her innocence? A gripping book that had the reader just as puzzled as the police, it did for me anyway!

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The Appeal by Janice Hallett

This was a book that I was recommended to read in my writing club. I was sceptical at first as it is written very differently from any other book I have read.

Two newcomers arrive in a small town and it ends with a death but when someone is sent to prison for the murder that Roderick Tanner suspects is innocent he assigns two law students to work out the truth.

The book centres around an amateur dramatics production and a charity appeal for a sick little girl but who is the killer?

Rather than chapters the story is told just through the texts, emails and notes made. It sounds really bizarre and I was unsure at first but it really works well.

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Anything I haven’t enjoyed lately?

To be fair I have enjoyed most books I have read or listened to lately though there are some I think were less gripping than others.

The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher was good but a little predictable at times and whilst I enjoyed it I wouldn’t say I couldn’t put it down like other books.

Another one I would say was ok but again not amazing was His and Hers by Alice Feeney. It has good reviews though so might be perfect for other people but for me, it was pretty mediocre.

What books have you enjoyed lately? Anything you would recommend?

Do comment below and let me know so I can add them to my reading list or if you have different views of any of the books above please do share those too. for more book suggestions check out my books instead of chocolate article!

If you found this helpful please share!

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