As I have shared previously, Ben is starting college soon and he is so excited. It is a long time since I did anything like that so I am sure other parents are in the same position and I wanted to share with you some starting college essentials we would recommend.

Learning and studying essentials

College is so different to school in the things you may need so here are my favourite studying essentials.

Personalised Diary, pen and pencil case

Personalised stationery isn’t just for kids starting school. It is perfect for everyone and means that if you leave your pencil case somewhere it has a chance of making it back to you!

Ben is not used to the large college campus so was keen to know if he might be able to find it if he left it somewhere.

Additionally, whilst Ben chose to personalise the pencil case and diary with Ben and the pen with Ben Mellor, this isn’t essential. You could personalise it with initials, a nickname or similar if you prefer.

If you want to buy these specific items then the diary we chose is here, the pen is from Ryman and this is the pencilcase.


I am a firm believer that youngsters are expected to carry around too much to school and college. From files of work and books to PE kits and laptops, it can’t be good for their backs.

Have you ever heard of the Rocketbook? It is perfect for anyone who makes a lot of notes. It is a really thin lightweight diary with endless pages.

Using a classic pen and paper experience you write on a special page with a specific pen and then your notes can be scanned and digitised.

Once you have scanned in your writing you simply use a damp cloth to wipe it clean and start again.

The Rocketbook Academic Planner is around £39.99 and is perfect for students and has 13 different page types.

Tile tracker

The Tile is a Bluetooth tracker to help you find whatever it is you regularly lose. Using Bluetooth you can find wherever the item is using the app and track it down.

Of course, if you are buying one for your son or daughter‘s phone you should get the app too so you can help them find it if they lose that too!

This Tile Performance Pack is £49.99 and includes a Tile pro – perfect as a keyring or on a bag or purse, and a Tile slim – perfect for wallets, purses, notebooks and bags as it is around credit card size and thin.

Tile tracker set

Tablet Stand

Whether it be for studying and researching or watching Netflix during their downtime it is likely your student will be using an iPad or tablet. Using a good stand makes all the difference because it ensures you are positioned correctly and do not hurt your back.

This folding book and tablet stand is really good for a student and can be angled however they need. It is available from Amazon for £25.

Laptop case

To keep a laptop or even tablet safe why not consider a budget laptop case from Amazon Brand Eono?

This one is of great quality and available in a variety of colours and available to suit two different size laptops. Prices vary from £10.19 depending on the size and colour you choose.

grey laptop case in front of brick wall effect wallpaper

College style


As you may already know, I am a blogger for Adidas and my latest article for them is all about Bens’s clothes and shoes for college from the range at Adidas.

Teenage boy standing in woods wearing adidas clothes

DKNY Loungewear

Every student needs loungewear to relax in on days off or after a hard day of work. Did you read my DKNY loungewear review? Ben loves his loungewear and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices.

Teenage boy in dkny loungewear sitting on a sofa


Did you read my Trendhim college-style article? Ben was lucky enough to choose some goodies to try and help him find his own style from Trendhim.

What are your college essentials? Did you go to college when it was all about pens and paper with big ring binders?

In my days in college and university mobile phones were still quite new and literally did calls and maybe texts! If only youngsters of today knew about the Orange “Everyday 50” and how you had to pay for every text and press each button 3/4 times for a letter!

If you found this helpful please share!

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