We have been lucky enough to try out some loungewear from DKNY to share with you. Ben is starting college so this is a perfect time for him.

College is a strange time, don’t you think? On one hand, it is all about learning new things and meeting new people but on the other hand, you suddenly have more free time than you are used to and can wear your own clothes daily!

Wearing your own clothes

It seems like Ben has been wearing a school uniform of one kind or another for such a long time. He started when he was 3 and went to preschool (pictures if you fancy seeing a young Ben). Now at 16 he is moving to a local special needs college and doing a course which involves media along with other areas.

Ben has quite a unique style, he loves football shirts and wears them the majority of the time. He has favourite teams but also collects football shirts so has a lot of different ones! Ben also loves smarter t-shirts and trousers sometimes and loves designer brands!

Looking stylish means a constant supply of clothes but also being able to properly chill out when you are at home too so he loves comfy clothes like loungewear!

DKNY Loungewear

Have you seen the range of DKNY loungewear? Ben, with his love for designer labels, was so excited that they wanted to send him some clothes to try out.

We received two t-shirts and some lounge pants. Whilst he will probably only wear the lounge pants in the house, the t-shirts are perfect for loungewear but also as a comfy t-shirt for college too.

What we think of the DKNY loungewear

Ben absolutely loves his DKNY loungewear. He was so thrilled that they wanted to get his opinion of their clothing and sent such lovely pieces. Ben found the items to fit him perfectly and they were really comfortable.

As a mum, and buyer of the majority of Ben’s clothes, I loved that he got some great items through my job but also upon looking into the items I was also impressed with the price.

Where can you buy DKNY Loungewear?

If you fancy buying some loungewear from DKNY like those Ben is modelling in the photos throughout this article the stockists are:

House of Fraser

Which do you like best? I love the look and feel of the loungepants and am a bit jealous I must say!

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