As a mum to a keen console gamer, I am often struggling with gift ideas for him so I thought I would share with you some great ideas. It is all too easy to end up buying games they don’t like or spending £50 or £60 on a game! If you are looking for something a bit different then I hope these ideas will help.

A headset

Headsets are a key part of gaming to help the console gamer really get into the immersive experience and hear the crowds on a game like Fifa or warfare in a war-based game. This Trust headset is a great gift and budget friendly too. It is available from Amazon and Argos.

A money box with a difference

This Pot of Dreams Money Bank Gaming Fund gift is perfect for the gamer who really wants a game and is looking to save up for a new console. the money box has to be smashed to open. Instead of taking bits from their fund to buy add-ons, this is a great way to get them to keep saving!

A gaming bucket list

This Bucket List of video games is good for the gamer who wants to see how many games they are playing and wants to chart off how many they have played and try and complete 100 top games this year.

Gamer mugs

There are so many gamers that love a drink next to them whilst they game so this would be a great gift. It is also perfect for a secret Santa gift for a gamer due to it being low in cost. Here are my favourite two gaming mugs.

This is what an awesome gamer looks like mug is great for someone you know games but you are not sure about their favourites so can not buy a specific gift.

A joystick mug is a great gift for a gamer who loves all retro games. With a shaped handle, it looks great and makes a really unique gift too.

A chocolate controller

This chocolate controller gift is nice for a little one who loves chocolate and gaming, it is a lovely little treat for them. Alternatively a perfect budget gift for a gamer of any age.

Star Wars Lamp

This Millennium Falcon desk lamp is perfect for a gamer who loves Star Wars and either has a gaming desk which this would be perfect on or a gaming bedroom or just doesn’t like to game when it’s dark

Gaming pencil case

This lovely gaming pencil case is perfect for the gamer who is going back to school or just needs a pencil case in general and loves camouflage prints and also Fortnite.

Playstation cap

This PlayStation cap is ideal for the summer weather or just for their style and the gamer who loves to go outside.

Alarm clock

An alarm clock is ideal for the gamer who loves gaming all night then just can’t get out of bed on time! This Playstation-style one is perfect for gamers.

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