Now Ben is 13 he wanted more of a gamer bedroom so it would be a bit more grown-up. In my opinion, decorating was not an option and neither was much in the way of new things so I wanted to look at easy ways to make a more grown up boy’s bedroom on a budget!

A teenager sitting in a gamer chair inside his teenage room

Gaming chair

Ben had saved all the money he got for his birthday and Christmas and treated himself to a new gaming chair.

We opted for a pedestal one as the floor sitting ones whilst cheaper are not as comfortable. I don’t think they are ideal as he is a tall lad already so it felt like this would last well.

Posters and pictures

So, let’s talk bedroom ideas for a teenage boy or girl. Instead of changing the bedroom design and decor every time a child changes interests, I feel it is cheaper and easier to put up pictures and posters.

Also, this does look quite cool in a teen bedroom. Ben now has the gaming posters that come in the cases (eg maps etc) up on his walls. This is ideal for a gamer room as it doesn’t cost anything and means it feels like it makes his room perfect in his eyes!

Another great buy for the walls is neon signs. We have looked at some and hope to find the perfect one to buy Ben soon, perhaps as a birthday present. they are much cheaper than you think and can really make a room look amazing!

two pairs of gamers headphones on a shelf, next to some Xbox one games

Tidy shelves

Games always look so tidy on shelves which is easy, much better than teddy bears anyway! I am glad he has grown up in that respect. On the other hand, however, headphones and wires are an absolute nightmare.

It’s difficult to keep them looking tidy. Ben has normal headphones and a couple of sets of gaming headsets. I am sick of replacing them when he breaks them because they are on the floor usually.

I was impressed when the guys at Brainwavz (who make great earphones as we have some of those!) offered to send us this headphone hanger to try.

It is the Brainwavz Truss if you fancy buying one it is only £14.99 at the moment on Amazon. It was easy to stick up and feels like it is pretty solid.

A real bargain if it stops you from having to replace headsets in my opinion! It keeps them hanging neatly, without wires trailing all over the shelves.

A flat screen tv sitting on top of a red chext of drawers

Branded accessories

Another way I found it easy to make a room feel more like the ultimate gaming room and a bit more grown-up was with the Playstation light and soundbar in front of his TV.

Both were pretty cheap but added a bit of a grown-up “gamer” feel to his room. Excuse all the wires and random things in the picture. I am not one of those Mrs Hinch types with a perfect house!

I find that the Ikea shelves are ideal for a teen room for growing kids. The basic Billy ones are really robust and as they are plain will last him for years, no matter what he is interested in! Kids grow up too fast don’t they?

I remember taping songs from the radio and tracing paper-style toilet paper at school yet now I am a mum to a teenager, where did the time go?

boy relaxing on gaming chair - Giving Ben a teenage gamer bedroom

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