Faced with the ongoing cost of living increases and having to cut back can be challenging to explain to children, especially when you throw Santa into the mix. But were you aware that Santa is facing some challenges this year too and is therefore Santa is on a budget?

As parents, coming up with theories to explain the reduction in presents can be tricky, so here are some of the reasons why that you can share with your children.

Energy costs

With the price of energy having increased both rapidly and enormously, it would be wise for Santa to do fewer journeys carrying fewer presents.

Therefore, boys and girls may notice a reduction in the number of things from their list to Santa that they actually receive. Additionally, Santa’s elves were not able to use electricity as much to make as many toys as they usually would because it costs too much. Santa is on a budget too.

Back to beliefs

Santa may have had a change of heart this year and be reverting back to basics when it comes to gift giving. Just as the three wise men gave Jesus three gifts in total, Santa has decided to gift boys and girls three gifts in total, too.

If Santa were to leave a letter explaining that the true meaning of Christmas is being forgotten and this is why he is doing it, this might be more believable. Of course, if you are a non-religious family, this might not be a route you wish to take.

Helping others

Santa and his elves can only make a certain number of presents each year. Unfortunately, with so many families struggling to make ends meet, Santa is being even kinder to those families and helping out their parents, so some children might find they do not receive quite as many gifts.

A reminder that kindness and selflessness are two important traits could be helpful here. Santa is on a budget but also teaching us to be kind too.

Santa’s concerns

Have you ever been worried about your children’s expectations? The fact that they write endless lists and expect to receive all the presents on them?

For some, this might not be the case, but Santa has noticed that it is true for quite a few children. Unfortunately, this means that some are becoming ungrateful.

In an attempt to remedy this, Santa is gifting fewer presents this year. He is sure that most children will react in a positive way and remember that time spent with family and friends is way more important than getting gifts.

Poorly elf

Finally, if you are unable to afford it or even if you do not wish to buy one of the main presents on your child’s list, you could feign a poorly elf.

The elf, who was hoping to make the specific bike or games console that your child desired, has broken his leg and wrist, so will be unable to fulfil all the orders for that particular item.

Santa could write a lovely letter to your child explaining why and perhaps you could even encourage a get well soon card in response.

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