A guest post from Lucy from Bare Kind sharing why you should wear bamboo socks!

Bamboo is a fairly new resource being used to make clothing and accessories, and this is why it’s here to stay…

What makes bamboo socks different?

Bamboo gives our socks qualities that we didn’t even know we needed! And now we can’t imagine our lives without them.

For starters, they have incredible thermo-regulation properties and are the best in the business for this particular trait. This means they are able to regulate your temperature, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer – genius!

These socks also have remarkable sweat-wicking abilities, moving moisture away from your feet and therefore keeping them fresh (great for anyone out there with smelly feet!). They’re also lovely and breathable, another tick!

Bamboo socks are probably most well known for being incredibly soft. They are great for people with sensitive feet, or if you tend be on your feet a lot in the day you can give them in a bit of kindness. Your feet can move around in your shoes a lot more than you’d think, and having a softer material reduces friction to keep you comfortable all day. 

Bamboo socks and helping animals

So are you liking the sound of these bamboo socks so far? Great! Well, Bare Kind has a super jazzy range of bamboo socks that will be right up your street if you are also an animal lover. Not only do you get all the benefits listed above, but 10% of the profits from each pair of socks is donated to help save the animal on the sock!

Lounge about in your favourite socks and know that you are helping save that species too! Check them out here.


Bamboo socks and the planet

Along with the multitude of benefits your feet are getting from these bamboo socks, there are also some plus sides for the planet too!

Bamboo is considered a very sustainable plant. It produces more oxygen than trees and absorbs more CO2. When it grows it doesn’t need any pesticides or irrigation.

It also grows much faster compared to trees, and can be cut off at the base without the need to disturb the root – it grows back in no time!

Amazingly, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with species growing 2″ per hour, 35″ in 24 hours, more than 3 feet in a day and some even reaching 60 feet in 3 months.

So there you have it, some impressive qualities for humble socks! Not only perfect for cosy, relaxing days but great on days where you’re out and about or working up a sweat. 

If you’re interested in testing out some bamboo socks of your own, head to the Bare Kind website where you can choose from a range of colourful socks, and help save your favourite animal whilst you’re at it!

All packaging is made from FSC certified card and is plastic-free.

Note from Jen: I absolutely love bamboo socks and have never felt anything so comfortable! Off to order myself some hedgehog socks because I honestly can’t think of anything better! I love hedgehogs!

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