Does anyone else love spending time outside during the summer? I love to relax outside in the sun and have recently been looking at how to have the perfect garden party.

Of course, this information is for you so that you can all invite me to your parties. Just use the contact me tab! I am pretty rubbish at organising parties but these tips make it sound achievable so I wanted to share them with you.

7 Tips to create the perfect garden party

Don’t provide all the food yourself. This proves expensive and really is not necessary. Asking everyone to bring a dish means that no one will struggle to find something they like! The same method can be applied to drinks!

Consider the music you will have. If you want some nice background music without deafening the neighbours then I would personally recommend the Amazon Echo Dot. they are currently on offer for £29.99 too which is a bonus.

That accompanied by Amazon Prime (30 days free trial available!) for music means you can just put a playlist on and leave it without having to think again.

Seating can be an issue at a garden party. I know we only have enough garden furniture for a few people really. If you are not in the market to buy anymore then you have to be creative.

One option may be to ask neighbours to borrow theirs. An alternative is to ask people to bring fold-up chairs with them or provide lots of rugs!

Buy cheap paper cake cases to prevent bugs from getting into drinks. Just slip a small hole in for the straw and the rest covers your glass easily unless you have big glasses!

Paper cake cases are also perfect for lollies and ice creams. Push the stick through the case and hold it under the paper to avoid dripping it all over your hands. An alternative is of course just to eat it quickly!

Avoid the bugs! Simple as it is you can buy some cheap citronella candles and reduce the risk of bugs everywhere during your party. Be careful to keep them out of the reach of children though.

Making your own dips can be a great way to save money and give healthier options to your guests. I have a great post with some homemade dips here.

Do you have any tips to share of how you make a perfect garden party? Do comment below especially if they are ones that help to make organising easy!

Planning for a healthy summer

If you want healthy food for a relaxing summer where you don’t put on the pounds I have some great summer recipes to help. Be sure to get out the BBQ and put rubs on meats, marinate tofu or get that charcoal in to ensure that you have a great time.

Whatever you do be sure to plan ahead because we all know that when the weather is nice no shops have BBQ foods in anymore and the whole of the supermarket is full of people with trolleys of bread rolls and beer. If the weather is a bit questionable there are plenty of cool summer meals to make in the air fryer to avoid putting the oven on or settling for a Mexican salad or Greek salad again!

A healthy summer means a little planning ahead to ensure you can stay on plan and still have tasty summer foods. That way you can always save calories or syns for favourites, mine is chocolate or Jaffa Cake gin!

If you hate meal planning then check out my summer meal plan or for cooler days my late summer/autumn plan.

If you found this helpful please share!

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