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Buying a gift for your loving grandfather might seem like an easy task as grandfathers are always grateful for whatever they get from their grandkids. Whether you gift Grandpa with socks or a framed picture of you, you will probably get the same cheerful reaction.

Isn’t it time to change that? How about you surprise your grandfather with a practical gift he will really enjoy, appreciate, and most of all use? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our 5 gift ideas for thoughtful and useful presents for grandfathers.

Key Holder

When it comes to choosing a practical gift for your grandfather, the possibilities can be endless. However, it is important to choose something that he can use and will appreciate. A KeySmart key holder is a perfect option that allows him to organize his keys in a stylish way.

With its sleek design and compact size, this nifty gadget can hold up to 14 keys without adding extra bulk to your grandfather’s pockets. Besides, it’s made with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Whether your grandfather is a busy businessman, a retiree who loves to travel, or someone who just appreciates practicality, the key holder is a gift that will make his daily routine a little easier while showing him how much you care. So why settle for a boring tie or a generic mug when you can give the gift of convenience with KeySmart?

Electric foot warmer

One thing grandparents have in common is that they are always cold so you will see them dressing in layers or wrapping themselves up in electric blankets even on warm days. This has to do with ageing and slow circulation, and what they can do to feel better is to preserve their temperature as much as possible.

That’s why an electric foot warmer is the perfect present for your Grandpa! It’s usually shaped as combined boots and all he has to do is put his feet inside, press a button and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your gift. Believe us, he will be using the warmer through most of the year and every time he will be thinking of you.

Make sure to get him a safe electric warmer with minimum instructions so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed when using it. Another great benefit of this gift is that it could be borrowed by Grandma or another elder member of the family. 

Cheerful clothing

Clothes are always a good option when it comes to buying gifts for grandparents. Your grandfather would love to get a new piece of clothing to show to his friends or just to remind him of you. But why go for the boring monochromatic look when you can get him something that would cheer him up?

Give Grandpa a reason to smile (or even better to laugh) by buying him a funny t-shirt. If he has a good sense of humour, definitely check these slightly offensive patriotic t-shirts that we bet are going to make his day. Furthermore, the patriotic designs could be worn on national holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc, so the gift becomes even more practical.

Upgrade his toolbox 

The majority of grandfathers love to spend their time working on either a DIY or a repair project. If this is the case with your grandparent, a good idea would be to invest in upgrading his box of instruments or buying him a new one if he needs it.

You could get him a nice set of screwdrivers, pliers, hammers or something smaller like a measuring tape. If you could afford it why not buy Grandpa one of those must-have tools every man should own:

  • Drill;
  • Impact wrench; 
  • Circular Saw; 
  • Chainsaw; 
  • Stud finder; 

And finally, if he is fully equipped then you could always invest in sharpening your grandfathers tools with the help of diamond grinding wheels. He will definitely appreciate the effort! 

Renovate his backyard

If your grandfather is a happy owner of a garden or a backyard, a very thoughtful and practical gift would be to renovate the space. Why not upgrade his gate or fence with a new and modern one? Or maybe invest in wrought iron railings if he is older and experiences difficulties when walking. This way he will feel safer going out but he will also enjoy the beautiful ironwork. 

Another great alternative to this gift is to surprise your grandfather with a landscaping project. We suggest you go through the project plan with him beforehand as he is the one who will be taking care of it. There are so many options: turn his backyard into a charming setting for relaxation, add some seasonal plants to his landscape or choose another path to make him smile.

Since these gift ideas are quite expensive you might want to team up with another family member to buy something between you for your grandfather or save it for a special occasion like grandpa’s jubilee or his Christmas present. 

Prepaid subscriptions

Our last gift idea is to get your grandfather a prepaid subscription. It could be to his favourite magazine or bookstore and thus each month he will receive a new issue for a whole year. What a great way to show your love to him! 

You could also get him a subscription to monthly food deliveries in case he has a hard time cooking for himself or in case he simply loves to experiment with new cuisines and treat his tasting buds. When deciding what subscription to buy, just take into consideration both his needs and his interest, even if it’s a forgotten hobby or something he mentioned he would love to try. 

Whatever you gift your grandfather is going to bring him so much joy and happiness, and still how wonderful would it be to surprise him with one of our practical gift ideas? You can always modify them to his preference or use them as an inspiration for even more exciting presents! Just in case, save our tips on your phone so that you will always have some great ideas prepared for your beloved Grandpa.

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