I received the H-Purifier 500 in return for an honest air purifier review sharing our experiences with you.

As I have mentioned previously, my son Ben has some severe allergies. We are still going through a lot of testing to try and pinpoint the allergies he has but we know he has hay fever and suffers life-threatening anaphylaxis with his cinnamon allergy.

As we are unclear on the allergies he has, this air purifier review will focus more on the functions of the H-Purifier 500 than its effectiveness for us as it is of course hard for us to be sure.

Box of H-purifier 500
Box of H-purifier 500

Why you may need an air purifier

If you have come across this review and are wondering what an air purifier could be used for and have never considered one before then here are some of the main benefits of an air purifier.

Do you live in a busy city or near the main road and worry about pollution? An air purifier can remove pollutants from the air in your home thus hopefully minimising the impacts of living in an area like this. Or perhaps you live in the country and get lots of pollen?

summer day picture of fields

Does someone in your house have hay fever or other environmental allergies? Even if you stay in the home there will be bits of pollen that get in through open windows, drafts and even simple things like when others go in and out of the door.

By using an air purifier you can catch the pollen particles in a filter and reduce their impact.

A close up of a flower

Some air purifiers also can be used as a humidifier to add moisture into the air if you have a very dry home. For people with conditions like asthma, a very dry home can increase symptoms.

I find that with my asthma I need a “normal” environment and if I go somewhere with very dry air it does affect me significantly.

Whilst one of the H-Purifier models offers a humidifier this wasn’t something I felt we needed at the moment.

face image showing large pollen molecules

What are the features of the H-Purifier 500?

This model is one of a series of 3 with slightly different features. The 500 is a middle-of-the-road one as such, the 300 has fewer features and the 700 a few more.

I will explain in the following list of features if they are not available in either of the other two models however most are!

app showing air quality and other measures
app showing air quality and other measures

WiFi connected and the app

There is an app (hOn app on Play store or app store) in which all three of the models are able to connect to be operated remotely with your phone or tablet.

I found it extremely easy to connect the device with a few simple clicks. None of the nonsense some gadgets have of turning on and off and doing 100 steps before it will connect!

Through the app you can set the air purifier to turn to sleep mode at times of your choice. It is also easy to see how well it is working, which setting it is on etc.

Air quality indicator on the app
Air quality indicator on the app

Pollen inactivation and 360° air purification

The design of the air purifiers means they offer 360° air purification so wherever you put them in a room they are perfect.

All the models have this feature and it means that you have fewer concerns over where to place the air purifier knowing that all air in the room will easily be cleansed. The filter is huge so it can remove a lot of particles quickly.

Open back showing large filter
Open back showing large filter

All the models offer pollen inactivation. This means not only do they catch the pollen in the filter as such they also inactivate it. Imagine catching pollen in a filter and then having all the pollen from the last week caught in your home?

This is what curtains and soft furnishings do so why it is important with allergies to vacuum them regularly and of course, also empty the vacuum frequently too.

Air quality showing moderate - this was a high pollen day
Air quality showing moderate – this was a high pollen day

Air quality sensor

With the coloured ring around the top of the device, it is quick and easy to see the air quality. The coloured rings simply tell you what you need to know in an instant in real-time.

As there is a 360° airflow system you know that this is a good judgement of the air quality in that room. It is surprising when you start looking at different rooms and realise how the air quality varies greatly.

Gas levels shown on air purifier
Gas levels shown on air purifier

The air quality monitor shows on the display (and also in the app) the air quality in the room with levels of PM10, PM2.5 and Gas (VOC), essentially these are different particle sizes and types of air pollutants/pollen etc.

Air quality showing as good, on a low pollen day
Air quality showing as good, on a low pollen day

H-Trifilter and Allergy UK approval

The filter is three-layer in each of the models of H-Purifier and removes 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns according to their testing, easily removing invisible particles such as dust mites and pollen.

Of course, as a mum with no science lab, I can’t tell if that is true but the fact it is approved by Allergy UK means I am assured it must be and is a great device.

Air purifier showing levels of the smallest particles
Air purifier showing levels of the smallest particles

Through the app, you can set an allergy profile. In this area, you select which of the tree pollen you are allergic to, or in our case, we ticked all as we are unsure.

Then when the pollen count of those is high the filter knows to work harder on this. It is easy to see how much filter life you have left in a simple bar on the purifier itself or in the app.

Air purifier showing the filter life
Air purifier showing the filter life

Carbon Monoxide detector, temperature & humidity sensors and large rooms

All three of the models have temperature and humidity displayed on the device itself and on the app easily alongside a carbon monoxide detector.

This is great for providing peace of mind in my opinion and knowing you can see and check on these on an app means that if it is in a baby or child’s room you do not need to disturb them to check!

Air purifier showing the humidity level at 61%
Air purifier showing the humidity level at 61%

The H-Purifier 500, along with the other models are all suitable for rooms of up to 100m² and have a child lock so it is easy to use in any room and know little ones won’t mess with the settings!

Air purifier showing the temperature of 18°c
Air purifier showing the temperature of 18°c

Diffuser for essential oils or probiotics

The H-Purifier 500 has a diffuser built into it, as does the 700 model. This is something, however, not available in the 300 model.

A small bottle of essential oils or probiotics are added to a small section on the side of the device and can be programmed to diffuse at set intervals.

Diffuser element of the air purifier
Diffuser element of the air purifier

The H-Purifier 500 came with a bottle of Hoover Probiotics and an essential oils bottle to get you started.

The probiotics are formulated to help ensure hygienic surfaces in your home and in my opinion are a nice added extra to try. I love the idea of being able to use the air purifier to also add nice scents to the room.

H-biotics bottle and where is goes in the air purifier
H-biotics bottle and where is goes in the air purifier

Our family experiences of the H-Purifier 500

My honest air purifier review is that it is a great gadget and easy to set up.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get it working and within maybe 10 minutes it was purifying the air in the lounge where I set it up.

We have had it running in the lounge for the last week and most of the time not even noticed the sound it makes whilst operating on auto.

Every now and then we have noticed it get louder but upon checking the information this is when pollen levels were high so it was working harder to purify the air.

Teenage boy in woods on a path with trees either side
Ben in local woods

Ben’s allergies and his H-Purifier 500 air purifier review

Whilst Ben has some food allergies he also has some environmental allergies we are unclear on. He has days where he suffers greatly and sneezes constantly all day with puffy eyes and tiredness.

We find this to really affect his concentration and even though it sounds silly as just being a bit sneezy the constant sneezing, runny eyes etc do become quite debilitating when they are constant for the whole day.

Box and Tissue

Luckily Ben seems to have these days and is fine the day before and the day after so we are working with his consultant to establish what allergy it is causing them.

These days are a few times a month and don’t appear to have a pattern. Since we have had the H-Purifier 500 we haven’t had one of these days.

Of course, however, we can not say for definite that is due to having the purifier and time will tell if it appears to make a long term difference.

Air purifier in corner of a room
Air purifier in corner of a room

I have placed the air purifier in his room behind his gaming chair as his room is quite full so there isn’t really a central place to put it but it has good airflow around it so I am confident it will work well.

As a mum knowing I am doing everything I can to help him with his allergies is good though and I do hope even though this won’t take away all his issues, especially as some are food allergies, it may reduce even one of them!

box of h-purifier

My overall H-Purifier 500 air purifier review

This is a great air purifier from my experiences and easy to set up. Whilst I have never tried another air purifier I can not compare this with others I do still love it.

Whilst my first thought of the air purifier is that it is quite big, I had imagined an air purifier to be a tabletop size, it clearly needs to be that big to do the job. The size of the filter is necessary for the purifier to clean so much air so quickly. This gadget cleans a 20-square-metre room in just 9 minutes!

The cable on the air purifier is a decent length so it is easy to place wherever suits you and your family.

Where can you buy the purifier?

If this is something you now realise you would like to buy for your home then it is easy to buy from Argos, eBay or Amazon. The RRP of this model is £399.99. For more information check the Hoover website.

The Hoover H-Purifer 500 is currently only £285 on Amazon and using Amazon Prime can be delivered the next day!

If you prefer the 700 model which has all the same functions but also a humidifier it has an RRP of £499.99 and is available on Amazon.

The 300 model is slightly smaller in size and does pretty much everything the model I have reviewed does but it does not have a diffuser. The RRP of the 300 model is £349.99 and is currently available on Amazon for £162.

Accessories and replacements for this H-Purifier 500

If like me, you always want to consider the accessories and replacements you need and their costs before considering a purchase then panic not, they are not too expensive.

Replacements for the Hoover brand essential oils to add to the diffuser are available from Amazon for £17.99 and the probiotics option is £21.99 on Amazon.

I imagine there is no physical reason why you couldn’t use your own choice of essential oils in the H-Purifier 500 or 700 models but it would likely invalidate the warranty and, to be honest, I always think it is better to use something specifically designed and formulated for the purpose.

A stop sign on a pole saying allergy season ahead

A replacement filter for either the 500 or 700 model is easily available on Amazon at £37. It is hard to say how often you would need to replace the filter depending on how the purifier is used but even if you replace it every 6 months that would only be £2 a week!

I know I would happily spend that on hay fever remedies so why not spend it on this? If you replace annually then it would cost you only £1 a week on average!

Do you need more details on the Hoover Air purifiers?

Teenage boy in woods

Other allergy thoughts

We have artificial grass in the back garden to help with Ben’s allergies, and also so I can sit on it if I choose as I have a skin allergy to ryegrass!

It is something we are considering for the front garden but as we live on a hill the garden slopes down quite significantly with a number of steps so it wouldn’t be such an easy job!

I am currently on the lookout for a better vacuum to help with allergies in the house.

Do you have any recommendations? If so do let me know in the comments as the current vacuum we have is the Gtech Pro but it is very much on its last legs and I am undecided as yet what to replace it with!

Do you have any allergies? I am allergic to a few items on my skin and some medications but haven’t had hay fever since I gave birth, poor Ben seems to have taken over with that one! I am not aware of any food allergies that I have.

If you have allergies the flooring you choose for your home and other things like soft furnishings can make a huge difference. I wrote an article on how to cope with severe allergies at home, why not have a read?

On one of my other blogs, Live the easy life, I wrote about how you can reduce hay fever flare-ups, pop over and check that out too.

Do you know how to test for allergies and the different options available? In this article, I share our family allergies and how you can get allergy testing if you are unsure.

If you are looking for things to buy to help with your hay fever and seasonal allergies I have a selection of those here.

If you found this helpful please share!

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