If, like me, you have had a baby the chances are you have been told to do pelvic floor exercises. Did you actually do them though? I halfheartedly did them. Now as I get older and approaching 40 more quickly than I would like, I realise I should have done as I was told.

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Do you find that exercising, laughing or coughing a little wee escapes? This is what happens when your pelvic floor muscles are not as strong as they should be!

How can you improve your pelvic floor muscles?

There are a number of ways you can improve pelvic floor muscles. Primarily these involve clenching and releasing them as if you are trying to stop yourself from having a wee. The NHS website has some great tips for your pelvic floor.

An alternative may be the Perifit pelvic floor exerciser which I was recently sent to try out. Whilst it isn’t cheap at £169 just think of the money saved on incontinence products as you get older!

How does the Perifit work?

By inserting a specially designed device in your vagina you then play games using the app encouraging you to squeeze and relax your pelvic floor appropriately. It is discrete and once inserted there is no reason anyone needs to know you are doing that whilst watching TV. This video explains it well.

Embarrassing subject?

Whilst I know this is a rather embarrassing subject it has to be better than having an accident in public! In the giveaway below whilst there are some sharing options to enter I have ensured the more discrete options give you extra entries to make it easier and less embarrassing.

All ladies have to deal with this at some point in their lives. Do try to chat to friends about it if you can as it could make all the difference.

You can order the Perifit on Amazon with no need for any contact with another person. I think it is great so why not have a look and see if it for you?

bright pink silicone perifit to insert into vagina for kegel exercises
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  1. I have a boy and a girl and to me they are the perfect pair, to the rest of the world …. ah that’s another story :0)

  2. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Would love to win this as I am currently undergoing physio for birth trauma.

  3. I have 3 children, 1 Boy and 2 girls. I have trouble with my pelvic floor even though I did all the exercises I could throughout my life

  4. I have three children, my son is 15 in September, my daughter is 7 in august and my youngest daughter was 2 in march xx