I am all for saving money so when Sarah, a fellow blogger suggested writing a post for me and my readers about saving money this winter I thought it would be a great idea as I know you readers love to save money too!

Sarah writes a blog called Life in a Breakdown which is a lifestyle blog which covers a huge mixture of topics from beauty and money-saving to mental health and travel! Sarah has been blogging since 2010 so she really does know what she is writing and is a hugely popular blogger so well worth a look. So, over to Sarah to give you some tips!

A thermostat on the radiator with a scale

The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer. While winter is something that comes every year the increase in bills is something we can all try and do something about and here are 5 top tips to try and get you on the right track of saving money this winter.

Turn Off When Not in Use

It can be so easy to move from room to room and leave the lights switched on, but with each light left on you are wasting pennies on your electric bill and you know what pennies add up to?! Pounds. Of course, it isn’t just lights this can be applied to, making sure you switch off unused appliances, instead of leaving them on standby can also make a difference.

Put on Layers

Hands up who sits in their home in a t-shirt, with the heating on to make it warm enough to do so. Well, why not put on a jumper, or wrap up in a blanket, you never know how long you might be able to without turning it on then.

Turn it Down

When it finally does come time to turn the heating on, think about turning it on at one degree lower than you normally would. You may find you don’t notice the difference, while that one degree, in the long run, can make a difference to your total bill.

Switch Energy Providers

When was the last time you checked if you were getting the best deal possible on your energy? If the answer isn’t “not too long ago”, it is time to run a check and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. It isn’t only energy providers you can switch, is your car insurance due? You may be able to find dirt-cheap car insurance from a different provider.

Foil Your Radiators

Popping a sheet of foil between your radiator and the wall will help reflect the heat back into the room. This can be DIY’d with cardboard and foil, or you can buy specialist radiator foil. Making sure that there is still a gap between the radiator and foil to ensure that air can circulate. Whichever way you do it though it should help keep you a little warmer.

A few more tips

The below infographic was created by Woolfoot who specialises in Boiler installation in Leeds. to share similar tips to Sarah and a few others you may find helpful. Even if you are usually good at saving money on your heating sometimes a little reminder can be helpful. For example, when did you last change energy providers? It could well be time to check again.

Have you had your boiler serviced recently to ensure it is working as well as it can? Do you always shut doors or use hot water bottles? It is easy to do once in a while but by doing it more frequently you will save more money.

Remember whatever changes you make to ensure they are safe. Here are five tips to avoid fire accidents.

Woolfoot heating graphic

So there are some top tips for saving money this winter, what do you think of them, am I missing anything really important?

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